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How to Exercise your dog Indoors

How to Exercise your dog Indoors

How to Exercise your dog Indoors

Dogs need exercise just as much, or even more than us. Most breeds need to run around at least once a day, and even if you have a small dog you should think about its health and try to keep them active. As a rule of thumb consider walking your dog for at least thirty minutes a day or If you cannot go out then try to exercise your dog indoors.

We researched and compiled a list of creative ways to exercise your pup indoors so that you can both stay healthy and protected.

Put your doggo on a treadmill

Do you own a treadmill? If you do, then good news! You are not the only one that can go for a run in the living room. Start by teaching Fido how it works by setting a very slow speed. Once he gets the hang of it, start increasing it little by little, and give him a treat once in a while. Please make sure to always supervise this activity for safety purposes!

Get a mind puzzle

It is not only the mind that is engaged with a puzzle toy but the body too. Dogs usually keep very active while playing with puzzles. A puzzle food dispenser is a fantastic way to burn some calories!

Run up and down the stairs

Stairs are a great form of exercise, both for you and your dog. Did you know that you can burn up to 200 calories by running up and down the stairs for ten minutes? An excellent way to stay in shape! Encourage your fur friend to follow you by giving him little treats once every few minutes. Alternatively, sit on the top of the stairs and throw his ball down for him to catch and bring back to you. Repeat and repeat!

How to Exercise your dog Indoors

Throw a ball

Even if you live in a small space you can still throw a ball around. If there are more people living in your house even better! Sit on opposite sides of the living room and pass the ball to each other, and have fun watching your dog run from one person to the other! This will likely get him tired enough in no time.

Dogs with jobs

Do you have a smart dog that can be well trained? Give him a job! Train your hound to carry a basket around or to pick up clothes from the floor. Apart from keeping him in shape, you will also get internet points by posting a very cute video of your dog “working”! 

Hide and Seek with treats

This is an easy game I taught my little Chihuahua, and I’m sure your pup will pick up in no time. Hide one or more treats around the house and give your dog the command to look for them. Show a treat and let him smell it before hiding, and use your voice intonation to prompt him to look around. This will be very exciting, especially if you choose a well-loved treat, so your dog will be running around all corners of your home! Remember to act really excited when he finds it. This is a favorite in our household!

How to Exercise your dog Indoors

Lack of exercise can result in obesity, loss of muscle mass and destructive behavior so make sure you Exercise your dog Indoors. A bored dog with a lot of energy to burn will likely turn to chew shoes, scratch and go to the toilet inside the house. Remember that your dog does not hate you or is holding a grudge, he is simply trying to release anxiety feelings! A tired dog is a happy dog, and a healthy one too. Obesity can lead to all sorts of issues, such as heart and breathing problems. Avoid all that by engaging in the activities above!

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Author: Laila Newman

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