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It's Not Putting Me Down, It's Lifting Me Up: A Guilt-Free Guide to End-of-Life Decisions for Pet

Explore the Ultimate Guide to Navigating Your Pet's End-of-Life Journey with Love, Compassion, and Confidence. As a loving pet parent, nothing can prepare you for the heart-wrenching decisions that come when your fur baby is reaching the end of their life. We understand the turmoil, guilt, and uncertainty you're facing.

✅ Learn how to face end-of-life decisions and ultimately heal your heart.

✅ Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of end-of-life care for your pet.

✅ Recognize the signs that your pet may be ready for a peaceful farewell.

✅ Make informed decisions about euthanasia, hospice care, and pain management.

✅ Find comfort in knowing you've made the best choices for your beloved companion.

Don't face this difficult journey alone. Let this eBook be your beacon of hope, understanding, and guidance. Download your FREE copy today and embark on a guilt-free path to honoring your pet's final moments. 💕🐾



Kate McGahan

Kate McGahan has been a Hospice Therapist and Clinical Social Worker for more than four decades. She has also authored a number of books, seven of which are part of the “Jack McAfghan Pet Loss Series.” Each book is written intuitively from the pet’s perspective, integrating Kate’s rich life experience and lifelong spiritual studies. As she says, “Make your faith stronger than your guilt and make your love stronger than your grief.” It may sound impossible just now, but it’s really not. Whether you are a private client, a reader, or both, she’ll empower you to look at death and loss in a whole new way.

Whether you are struggling with pet loss or the death of a loved one, Kate's books will apply to your personal journey and bring you out the other side of grief. Her writing is the culmination of rich personal life experience combined with clinical expertise. A lifetime of studying spirituality and family dynamics makes each of her books comforting, entertaining and thought-provoking. Kate draws forth in the reader a new understanding of human dynamics as well as reminders of the power of faith. Her strong intuition, bringing the stories to the reader from the dog's point of view, will help you to work through your trauma until your love and faith become stronger than your grief.

Kate McGahan's Books

When you learn something new you grow; when you grow you heal. It's all By Design. You can't read one of Kate's best-selling books without healing something in your heart and soul. While you think she is just entertaining you, she is also planting seeds of wisdom and teaching you new ways of looking at yourself and those you love. These books will change the way you think. Each book heals your heart in a different way. You will never look at life or death or love the same way again.

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