I am Nita Daryanani and I grewup on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Curacao.

Being an only child most of my childhood I treasured my years of growing up in a house with Pets. My Faithful dog waiting
at the gate when I got home from school... My Best Friend standing by my side....when no one wanted to play with me... And..

My Comfort and Feel Good place to go for kisses, licks, and cuddles.... when I was having a bad day.

Eventually, I left my home, got married, raised 3 children, and started a company (OneStopGlobalsourcing.com)
selling lifestyle housewares, décor, etc among over 110k products to Chain stores. My Best Friend standing by my side...when no one wanted to play with me... And..

My work took me to China (Hong Kong) where I have been living the past 30 years. This business was not only my lifeline....but
WITH and BECAUSE of my incredible Team ...it was FUN...not a job...but sheer FUN!

However like everything in life....as you know... things change.

My change was slightly challenging...

Kids grew up and left home...

The loss of my Father...

And...the breakup of my marriage...

All of a sudden, I found myself feeling terribly lonely, anxious, borderline depressed. I decided one day...to get a puppy...to fill a gap. Nico was the cutest little white Yorkie.. staring at me with his big black eyes..and...As I opened his cage, behind him was Luca, a black even smaller Yorkie, shivering and hiding.

Needless to say...I took BOTH home? It was my first experience being by myself with 2 doggies in 25 years! Everywhere I walked, to the washroom, the kitchen, the living room, I was followed by the pitter-patter of their feet. I started Laughing... looking at their funny movements. I started feeling Loved and Needed by these Pets and that empty sensation of despair, loneliness and anxiety was shifting.

Nico and Luca nurtured me back to a world that did not seem so dark anymore... I continued my work...now.... with more energy and positive focus than ever. Nico and Luca were soon joined by Gina (another Yorkie) and Oliver (my Golden Retriever) My family grew!

And they followed me..not only to different rooms
in my house...different places.....but also to different countries.

Even our office in China got a Pet ...a beautiful Pomeranian called Xiao Long (Little Dragon) And soon every member of the China Team became attached to their furry pet.

He entertained all the office people....jumping from lap to lap while they were working behind their desks and some took turns taking him home for the night. The Mission Statement of OneStopGlobalSourcing.com is... Give Value Products to Consumers.... And every day we go to the office...we have this Goal in our minds. In the past few years another word kept popping up in my mind.


I wanted ..us...as a TEAM ..to build and offer products with PASSION My Pets have taught me many lessons and they have nurtured me. So it is with experience that I say...
Pets Nurture YOU.. So...
We too need to Nurture our Pets! Hence....the birth of another division in our company.... NurtureYourPet.com May you follow me in this Journey....to give your Pets...the Nurture that they Deserve.