Protecting Africa's Wildlife and Battling Rhino Poaching

Jennifer Fox has very remarkably had three careers simultaneously, as a banker, a luxury safari lodge owner and a leading Anti-Poaching campaigner.

Nearly 30 years ago, her passion for wildlife conservation led her from Hong Kong, where she was brought up, to South Africa, co-founding the Thornybush Private Nature Reserve, to protect endangered wildlife. Today, she remains one of the chief caretakers of this 14,000-hectare wilderness for wildlife conservation and eco-tourism.

Jennifer is also a former senior Investment Banker, with a Finance career spanning 30 years. She was one of the founding partners and shareholders of the Thornybush Collection of luxury 5 & 6-star safari lodges, widely regarded as one of the premier safari destinations in the country.

She is a regular speaker at business forums, Schools and Embassies around the globe and has a following on her Private Instagram Anti-Poaching page @jennifersafrica of 230,000, with her page being viewed more than 43 million times. She seeks through her page platform to build a heartfelt connection to wildlife in the hope that potential buyers will refrain from buying illegal wildlife.

Jennifer is an active conservationist, and has assisted Interpol, the US FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the past, as well as government ministers and embassies to counteract wildlife crime.

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