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Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

The same way humans have sensitive stomachs, dogs can also have issues with their stomachs. Pooches can struggle to digest some food they are given by their owners causing them to have gastrointestinal problems. We will cover everything in details about the symptoms as well as Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs.

Dogs may be allergic to certain ingredients present in their foods. The best way to address sensitive stomach issues is to visit the vet. He or she will advise you on the methods you can use to identify the ingredients causing reactions in your dog’s stomach.

In this article, you are also going to learn the qualities to look for in a dog food to address a sensitive stomach. 

What are the symptoms of sensitive stomachs in dogs?

Wondering if your dog has a sensitive stomach? Here are some symptoms to look for in your dog:


If your dog is releasing lots of gases on a continuous basis, then chances are it has a sensitive stomach. Even though there are many medications you can give your dog to alleviate this symptom, it is best to solve the problem from the source. Study the ingredients in your dog’s food and perform elimination diets to identify the culprit!


Is your dog having loose or runny stools? While it is normal for your dog to have such stools occasionally, when it becomes persistent then it could be a sign of sensitive stomach.


Vomiting that may be accompanied by diarrhea and lethargy can be a sign of sensitive stomach in your dog.

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Characteristics of good dog foods for sensitive stomachs 

Sensitive stomachs in dogs can be caused by many reasons. Here are the characteristics to look for in the best dog foods to address the sensitive stomach issue:  

High in Fiber

Fiber is an important nutrient that is necessary for a healthy digestive process. Apart from preventing constipation, fiber improves the condition of the digestive tract thereby reducing the chances of developing cancers.

Limited Fat Content

Foods that have high fat content are hard to digest compared to those high in carbohydrates or proteins. Study the ingredient label of the food you give your dog. If the food contains high amounts of fats and oils, then you should consider switching to a new diet. 

Easily Digestible Whole Grains

Even though some dogs can digest corn and grains, others with sensitive stomachs may find it difficult to do so. Most dog owners usually switch to grain-free diets because of this reason.

However, a recent study revealed that grain-free diets increase the chances of dogs developing weak heart muscles. So, you may consider choosing the easily-digestible whole grains such as wheat and oats in your dog’s diet.  

Protein Source

Dogs may not digest certain proteins well. If your dog is on a fish diet, try switching to different diets such as chicken, beef and lamb and see if there are changes. There are many protein sources that can replace the current one.


Sensitive stomachs can deteriorate the health of your lovely dog. By knowing the characteristics of the best dog food for sensitive stomachs, you can help your dog enjoy their meal times. Some qualities to look for include high fiber content, limited amounts of fat and inculcating easily digestible whole grains. Because proteins are necessary for the health of your dog, you can consider replacing protein sources until you find the safe one for your dog.

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