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Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson


This is my story of my beloved soulmate Cody whom I loved with all my heart for 14 years. His unconditional love, joy, playfulness and expectant happiness for me to enjoy and discover was truly a new way of living, not my version of it.  This is our story of my beloved soulmate Cody. My father was 56 years of age and my mother was 40 when I was born. Neither of them loved me nor each other. Cody, miraculously, brought me out of my shell of numbness trying to escape reality due to abuse and neglect. It took 6 years of his persistent unconditional love to transform me into realizing that there is true love in this world. He was my life, my love, and my everything. We enjoyed daily walks, playing ball, snuggling and enjoying life to its fullest! I never was so happy before in my life. The time went by so quickly, Cody began to age and at 14 years he was called Home.     

Our book entitled My Beloved Soulmate Cody is our story of unconditional love through our journey together to grow through faith, wisdom, and healing moving forward through life and grief. He taught me so much about love, living life to its fullest, and pure joy. Without his unending love and joyful expectations, I would never have been able to feel these emotions. We are connected forever through eternity. This is our testimonial to share with others that Love Never Dies. 

Written by Sandra D. Anderson .

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