Rose Reese


My story begins with a little black dachshund named Tia. She came into my life in 2004. Never in a million years did I know that this little dog would be taking me on a journey of a lifetime. She was a normal little dog for 16 years until July 31st 2020, when she went missing from our backyard. Her journey began , doing everything possible to find her led me down a path I would never expect from creating a lost and found group for lost animals in the development where I live. She then led me to relying on my faith to stay strong. As the time passed I felt a strong need something else needed to be done to help others going through this dreaded nightmare. With pen in hand I started to write a book. I definitely knew she was guiding me to do this. Everything was falling right in my hands to make this happen. Once published it reached so many people. I was able to give people hope to always believe. Our prayers aren’t always answered in the way we want. God always has a plan. A little dachshund was born without a paw and became part of the Reese household. We named her Faith not realizing at the time if you look at the middle of the name Faith it’s Tia spelled backwards. Tia has never been found she would be 19 this year. I miss her so very much. I find myself talking about her in someway everyday and I know even though she is not physically with me her journey is still not over. She will live in my heart forever and whatever path she wants me to go next I will be by her side to help others.

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