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Pet Loss Grief Counselor

Kate McGahan

Kate McGahan has been a Hospice Therapist and Clinical Social Worker for more than four decades. She is also the Internationally known pet loss author of The Jack McAfghan Pet Loss Series. Each book is written intuitively from the pet’s perspective, integrating Kate’s rich life experience, clinical expertise and lifelong spiritual studies. As she says, “Make your faith stronger than your guilt and make your love stronger than your grief.” It may sound impossible just now, but it’s really not. Whether you are a private client, a reader, or both, Kate will empower you to look at death and loss in a whole new way.


Paolo Gemma

Paolo Gemma, a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master and Animal Reiki Practitioner, embraces the Universal Life Force and values compassion through his vegan lifestyle. Residing in Hong Kong with his three beloved cats, Paolo's dedication to holistic healing is evident through his Reiki practice and accreditations. Following the 5 Reiki Principles, Paolo strives to maintain a mindful and kind approach towards life and all living beings.

Homeopathic Vet

Dr. Loridawn Gordon

Dr. Loridawn Gordon, an experienced homeopathic vet, has transitioned to Kelowna from Whistler, bringing her expertise in natural medicine to the region. She utilizes a blend of homeopathy, nutrition, herbal remedies, and conventional medicine to maintain pets' well-being. Dr. Loridawn address holistic health concerns comprehensively and her appointments cater to those seeking in-depth discussions and solutions for complex diagnoses like allergies or cancer. Homeopathy is at the core of Dr. Loridawn's practice, based on the principle that 'like cures like' to enhance the body's natural defense system.