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Learn how to stop your dog from barking at Night

Learn how to stop your dog from barking at Night

Learn how to stop your dog from barking at Night

Even though there are reasons why your dog may be barking at night, such as boredom or over excitement, we know that the bottom line is you want them to be as quiet as you at night. The first step to stop excessive barking is to understand the causes behind them. However is your dog barking at a passerby? Other dogs? Are they scared or hungry? Does your pup simply want attention? Whatever the case, we round up the 4 top reasons for night howling and the best ways to stop your dog from barking at night.

Your dog is lonely or wants attention

More often than not the real culprits when it comes to barking are ourselves. The thing our dog craves the most in the world is our attention (well, maybe after those bacon treats). If Fido learns that barking will get you to his side it is likely that he is going to continue to do it. The best way to stop that behavior is by ignoring your dog completely when he barks and rewarding him immediately when he stops, even to draw breath. This technique will take some time to reinforce but it is worth it.

Your dog is barking at something is specific

If your pooch is woofing at someone walking outside the window or answering to the neighbor dog? The solution may be as simple as closing the blinds at nighttime and talking to your neighbor. Removing the distraction will work wonders in terms of stopping the barking, and you and your best friend will be able to relax. Try to identify the disturbance by watching your dog carefully when he barks at night.

Learn how to stop your dog from barking at Night

Your dog is very sensitive to noise

Even though your house may seem like a quiet paradise to you, dogs actually have a much more acute sense of hearing than us. They may be bothered by distant commotions or noises we can’t even detect. It may be a good idea to shut windows close and try out some white noise sounds to calm your pup down. A white sound machine next to their beds helps with anxious dogs as well, or simply put the TV on a static channel or search for YouTube calming sound videos.

Your dog is bored

Your pooch may simply be bored and trying to entertain himself at late hours. Barking at other dogs, making noise at the fridge, playing loudly with his toys, all these can sign dogs are trying to have some fun at the wrong time. Two things are crucial when dealing with this, routine and exercise. Having a routine where you take away the dog’s toys, puts them in their designated sleep areas and repeats that every night will work incredibly well to relax them. Secondly, exercise, play and engage with your pet during the day. If they ran around a lot, chased some birds, played with you and their toys, chances are they will be snoring all night long. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Consider these tips when trying to get your dog to stop yapping away at weird hours, but remember you know them best. If you have a very young puppy or a sick senior hound it may not be the best idea to let them bark until they’re tired, as this can stress them out. It may be best to bring them to sleep in a crate next to your bed, and slowly get them to sleep further from you until they are where you want them. As more and more researches show, punishing dogs does not achieve the best results, but love and positive reinforcement go a long way!

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Author: Laila Newman

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