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5 Major Benefits of Dog Training

5 Major Benefits of Dog Training

5 Major Benefits of Dog Training

Wondering if you should train your dog? Dogs are man’s best friend and training your dog will enrich and strengthen your relationship. What’s more, training your dog will enable you to get rid of bad behaviors such as destructive chewing. We've identified five major benefits of dog training to help you better understand your furry companion.

The Major benefits of Dog Training

The benefits of training your dog are numerous. Here are some of the reasons why you should start training your dog as soon as you can:

It builds a long-term relationship with your dog

5 Major Benefits of Dog Training

Dog Training enriches your relationship with the dog. It strengthens your bond because you spend more time together. As you create exciting experiences and memories, a mutual respect develops between you and your dog.

It removes undesirable behaviors in your dog

You can use training to eliminate undesirable behaviors in dogs such as destructive chewing and unnecessary barking or jumping. It will be so bad when your dog ends up chewing a piece of furniture that has been in your family for generations. By training your dog, you can avoid such embarrassments.

It makes your dog to get used to people

Training your dog makes it interact normally in the presence of strangers or when you are out in the public. Training builds your dog’s confidence and makes it social as you introduce it to various environments and other people too.

The best time to make your dog bond with other people is during the first six months of their lives. At this time, dogs’ brains are usually very receptive and when they have positive interactions with different people at this time, they will easily mingle with strangers when they are old.

It enables dogs to develop good manners

5 Major Benefits of Dog Training

Wouldn't it be great if your dog had basic good manners? Training your dog helps it to develop good manners such as greeting visitors, walking nicely on the leash, and responding to your calls.

Some of the bad manners in dogs include barging people out of the way, using their paws to get anything they want whether its food or attention from someone and jumping without any apparent reason.

If your dog portrays such behaviors, then it should be trained. For bad manners such as jumping up onto work surfaces, you can physically prevent your dog instead of punishing it. With time, it will adjust to the new standards of behavior.

It makes the dog get attached to your home 

Training your dog makes it feel like a member of your family. This is because it begins to trust in your intentions to better its life. Trust makes your dog feel calm and relaxed around you. It makes them associate your home with safety so regardless of where they roam, they would always come back.

Interact with your dog through various activities such as tug of war and even feeding it. When your dog associates your encounters with safety and positivity, then it will feel attached to your home.


Training your dog is the best decision you can ever make. It makes your dog more social to guests in your house. It also enables your dog to acquire basic good manners such as coming when called or greeting family members. What’s more, your dog will become attached to your family when you train it.

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Author: Vincent Otieno

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