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5 Effective ways to Potty Train a Dog

5 Effective ways to Potty Train a Dog

potty training dog

Potty training your dog is one of the most important things you have to do if you want to stay with your dog for a long time. House soiling is one of the reasons why most dogs end up in shelter homes or as stray dogs because their owners simply can’t put up with the stench of their mess.

Here are 5 Effective ways to Potty Train a Dog & to keep your house clean even when you are not around:

Establish a regular feeding schedule

When your puppy eats at a particular time every day, then it will also eliminate at a specific time. Depending on their age, puppies should be fed between three or four times a day. Feeding your puppy on a schedule will ensure they also relieve themselves at a consistent time every day.

Take your dog outside frequently

Adult dogs need to go outside between 3 to 5 times every day to relieve themselves. Smaller breeds may need to relieve themselves more than 5 times a day. What’s more, puppies relieve themselves as often as every 2 hours because they have an underdeveloped bladder — they are like babies. You should also make it a routine to take your dog outside before they go to sleep and when they wake up.

Ensure you take your dog to a specific spot outside so they can associate that place with a restroom. What’s more, you can choose a word and use it every time your dog is relieving itself. With time, your dog will know what is expected of it when you say that word.

potty training dog

Observe and supervise your puppy

Don’t give your dog the chance to soil in your house. Always keep an eye on your dog whenever it is indoors or outdoors.

Tethering your puppy is a great way to supervise your puppy. Tie it to a piece of furniture next to you when you are not actively training it. Then observe how it behaves when it wants to pee. Common signs to check include barking, restlessness, and circling. The moment you notice these signs, take the dog to the usual restroom spot outside so it can relieve itself.

Reward your dog with a treat to make the behavior stick in its mind. 

Confine your dog when you can’t supervise

Since you cannot watch your puppy all the time, confine it to a small space such that it will feel uncomfortable to relieve itself at that point. The space you choose should be just enough to lie down or stand up.

A good place to confine your dog would be at a corner in your living room. You can pile up items to limit the space at the corner. Avoid the bathroom because the environment may be too cold for the dog to stay confined for long hours. 

Reward your dog whenever it eliminates outdoors

Shouting at your dog will not drive it to follow your orders. Instead, dogs will think you are crazy. Animals are just like humans, they learn quickly when you approach them with love, patience, and care.

Whenever your dog relieves itself at the spot you usually take it outside, then you should praise it. You can do this by giving treats, preparing your dog’s favorite meal, or giving it a gift such as a toy.


Training your puppy should not be difficult. Simply establish a feeding routine that translates into regular eliminating times for your dog. You should also use the exact spot outside the house where you take your dog to relieve itself. By consistently supervising the puppy, it will soon master the habit of relieving itself at the right spot!

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Author: Vincent Otieno

Author Bio - Vincent Otieno

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