Top 7 Cool Dog Hacks

Top 7 Cool Dog Hacks

Generally, all dog-owners are dealing with a lot of ‘’cute’’ troubles that their canines bring into their house. In one hand, your dog knows all your possible movements, your words and your ideas. And what about you? Do you know any cool hacks about your dog?

There is a lot of little dog tricks, which you did not know they were even possible. And what is most interesting is that some of them were learned by the old-fashioned way — through trial & error. Due to that, keep reading this text, and find out 7 cool “dog hacks”, that’ll save you time, money, and hours of frustration.

DIY Tick and Flea Repellent

If you are tired of buying any dog products against fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larva, you can try with some homemade products. Almost all of the ingredients are cheap, and, most importantly, you usually have them at your home.

To start with - try combining: 5 tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of iodized salt and 5 tablespoons of warm water. Make the mixture into a spray bottle, and, sprinkle your dog every time you go out. Try it, and, you will notice the difference.

When it comes to ticks and fleas, I have to mention another impressive product for fighting with these problems in dogs. Essential oils and their magics. Have you ever thought using eucalyptus, cedar, rosemary, or, lemongrass naturally, to treat ticks in your dog? Besides they are, very healthy for your dog’s skin, essential oils are toxic-free products, which will give you very satisfying results.

Baby powder for losing dog’s matted hair

Baby powder is safe for your dog and in the meantime will leave your dog smelling fresh. Another excellent benefit of this incredible product is his power for losing your dog's matted hair. Just put baby powder on your dog's skin and work it in with your fingers. Give it a try and help your dog to be happier and again feel relief.

Toothbrush Trick

Canine kisses just aren't as charming when your dog has critical breath. And almost every dog gets angry when he/she sees toothbrush for brushing teeth.

So, here is one easy dog hack – if your canine gives resistance to teeth brushing habit, try spreading a small quantity of dog toothpaste onto his beloved chew bone and give him. He will enjoy it.

Paw care treatment

The winter season can be very fun, but also dangerous for your dog. If your dog is not a big supporter of wearing booties in winter, you can apply a layer of Vaseline to protect his paws from anti-freeze.

Also, in the summertime period, your dog’s paws can be so sensitive. Especially hot streets, because that can burn your dogs' paws very quickly. To see if it’s too hot for your dog - put the back of your hand on the street – if you can’t handle it for 3 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog. So, on really hot days, it is much better considering walking your dog when the sun goes down.

Try using baking soda to clean up pet urine

Do not worry if your dog pees on the carpet or a sofa. Just use baking soda to clean it up. Pour some baking soda over the place, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and once dry, vacuum it up. Dogs will pass where they detect their earlier signings, so it’s really necessary to disinfect as well as clean to prevent repeat adventures.

Top 7 Cool Dog Hacks

Rice and chicken for upset dog tummy

Many dogs have sensitive bellies - and even those with digestive systems of steel seldom ingest something they shouldn't, which leads them to vomit and diarrhea. Vets suggest using chicken and rice home-cooked meal for dogs who grieve from digestive diseases. Chicken produce additional minerals and calcium, and veggies provide vitamins, which can help your dog produce more formed stools.

Does your dog wolf down his food?

Almost every dog eats very fast. Naturally, dogs want to have their meal without the fear of it being taken away, so you as a dog owner have to deal with it.

One of my favourite dog hacks when it comes to dog’s eatings fast is putting a ball in the food bowl. Try to put a ball or eventually two, in your dog’s full dish. The balls should be quite big, so your dog doesn’t swallow them. Your dog will be so interested in getting the balls and he will definitely slow down the meal.


We have all faced with the following problem - You are calling your dog, and, he is not coming to you? Instead, he starts running from you in front of the park full of people. Right. So, here is one secret trick which will help your dog immediately run back to you. Try DRAMA. For example, falling, or pretending to be hurt, or even more, running away from your dog and screaming joyfully in an enthusiastic voice. Dogs have 'such' thing to follow things that run away from them, so he/she will at the same moment come back to you. 

Author: Tamara Spasovska

Author Bio - Tamara Spasovska

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