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7 Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

7 Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

While planning to have the best Christmas season of your life, you should also consider your pet’s safety. There are some dangers that your pets may be exposed to during the Christmas season. By learning how to avoid these dangers, you stand a chance of keeping your pet safe through the holidays. Without further ado, let’s dive in and check out these Christmas Safety tips for pets.

Keep your pets away from the Christmas tree

Christmas' tree are perhaps the most dangerous item for your pet during the holiday season. Failing to limit your pet’s access to the Christmas tree can expose it to many dangers. For example, the pine needles may prick your dog’s eyes, and if your pet drinks the fertilized water used to preserve the tree, then they may get an upset stomach. What’s more, your pet may try to jump on the Christmas tree resulting in a huge disaster if it falls down.

To prevent this problem, you should monitor your pet’s movement around the Christmas tree. When you are away, you can create a barrier around the Christmas tree to limit the pet’s access to the tree. To prevent tree-tipping, anchor the tree to the ceiling using a hook and fishing net. 

Strands of light may cause an electric shock to your pet

The lights and the baubles are so pretty on the Christmas tree. However, what may be beautiful and a source of joy to you may be dangerous to your pet. Your pet could die from electrocution if it tries biting the wires and cords. To prevent this incident from happening, keep the cords away from your pet. Also, fasten the lights on the Christmas tree. Loosely hanging strands of light are attractive to pets. 

The decorations may be harmful to your pet

Christmas tree decorations such as baubles, tinsel, etc are made of plastic and glass that may be dangerous to pets. Your pet’s curiosity may drive it to remove all these decorations leaving your Christmas tree bare. What worse is that these ornaments may cut your pet’s paws when they break down. And if you hang edible decorations such as Chocolate on the lower levels of the Christmas tree, then your pet may access it. Chocolate can be extremely poisonous to pets because it contains theobromine and caffeine. If you must hang chocolate as a decoration on the Christmas tree, then put them on the higher levels that are unreachable by your pet.

Some treats may be dangerous to your dog

Even pets find it hard to resist the smell of cooked turkey in the kitchen better to place food away from your pet’s reach. You cannot blame them for feasting on the food you left unattended but even worse is when they consume treats that are dangerous. For example, turkey skin contains lots of fats and may trigger pancreatitis in pets. So, if your pet eats turkey skin, then it may be difficult to digest.

The best way to prevent this problem is to keep your pet away from the kitchen. And also prepare separate treats that are safe for its consumption.  

Certain holiday plants are poisonous to your pet

You may have heard that lilies are dangerous to cats and exposure to lilies causes kidney failure in cats. Other toxic holiday plants include mistletoe and holly. Ingestion of mistletoe results in diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Holly is mildly toxic and it may cause diarrhea and vomiting only when ingested. Its spiky leaves may result in mechanical injuries. Poinsettias are not harmful to your pets unlike what most people say. You can bring them into your home even when you have pets.

Your pet may swallow wrapping items

Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

We all know how tiring it can be to curl ribbons for gift bows, balloons, and clothing.  Imagine if your pet destroys the bow you just invested your time making and this can make wrapping gifts a headache when you have pets around you.

Antifreeze is extremely toxic to pets

It is inevitable to use antifreeze in your house during Christmas. Your pet may be tempted to have a taste of this sweet-smelling liquid. Anti-freeze is highly toxic and can instantly kill your pet. Ensure to keep it out of your pets reach.


Christmas safety for pets is important and pet parents should ensure to keep their pet safe during the festive season which includes preventing access to the kitchen to avoid eating treats which may be dangerous to them, tightening the strands of light around the Christmas tree to prevent electrocution, and many others.  

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Author: Vincent Otieno

Author bio - Vincent Otieno

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