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Why Is Adopting a Pet is Better Than Buying?

Why Is Adopting a Pet is Better Than Buying?

Why Is Adopting a Pet is Better Than Buying?

Even though breeders can give you a family pet, you should consider adopting a pet rather than buying. This is because adoption reduces the number of pets that go into shelters every year. Also, you improve the lives of the animals in these overpopulated rescue centers by freeing up space.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose pet adoption over buying: 

1. You’ll save a life

It is estimated that every year over one million adoptable pets are euthanized in America due to the high number of pets that come into rescue centers and only few pet lovers prefer adopting them when looking for a pet.

The population of pets euthanized every year could reduce drastically if you would shift your preference for adoption when looking for a pet. By adopting a dog or a cat, you save a life by creating space in the shelter for the accommodation of another pet that actually needs it.

2. You’ll save lots of money

Adopting a pet from a shelter is more affordable compared to buying one from a breeder. Most shelters spay or neuter pets prior to adoption and this saves you the cost of doing it by yourself. Your medical bills would likely double if you were to approach a vet for the spaying or neutering of a puppy. Some animals are also trained to follow basic commands before they leave the shelters. So adopting a pet may reduce or eliminate some expenses.

3. Adopted pets are more affectionate

Animals brought from a shelter tend to be more loving than the ones from a breeder. Many pet parents who have handled animals from shelters and those from breeders say that adopted pets act more respectfully towards them. This can be true because adopted pets acknowledge that you saved them and that you are the reason why their present life is better than their past.

4. You are fighting puppy/kitten mills

If you buy a pet online, then chances are that they are from a breeding facility. Puppy and kitten mills focus on producing as many animals as possible. They focus on profits instead of the wellbeing of the pets.

Most animals in mills are usually behaviorally troubled and weak due to deficient care. The mothers of these pets are separated from their offspring and kept only for breeding purposes. Without the love of humans, these pet mothers feel dejected and miserable. By adopting an animal instead of buying, you are fighting the bad business going on in puppy mills.

5. You are helping more than just one animal

When you adopt one animal, you create space at the shelter for another animal in need of care. By doing so, you reduce the number of pets that are euthanized every year because of a lack of enough shelter and finances to cater for strayed cats and dogs.

Why Is Adopting a Pet is Better Than Buying?

6. You can still find the pet of your dreams

Shelters and rescue groups have a wide variety of breeds to choose from compared to pet shops and puppy/kitten mills. It is estimated that over 6.5 million pets enter shelters every year according to the ASPCA.

What’s more, there are many pet adoption sites that allow you to be specific on the type of dog or cat you want. Whether it is age, sex, size, breed or color, you can find a match in a short time! 

7. They help you get healthier

Pets help you understand life in a different way. When you have something to care for and they give you unconditional love in return, you will gain fulfillment. Even better, since dogs need to walk daily, you are likely to exercise regularly as go outdoors.

Dogs in shelters are lonely most of the time and lack human companionship. However, when they finally get a master who showers them with lots of love, they are likely to develop a strong bond with you.

8. You can also get a purebred

Did you know that there are rescue groups that care for specific breeds of animals only? Even local shelters contain purebred animals. If you are looking for a purebred, consider checking out the ones in the shelters first. You may find your desired breed at an affordable price.


There are many benefits of choosing to adopt a pet rather than buying one. For example, you will be saving money that goes into the first vaccinations and training of a pet. Most pets from shelters come already vaccinated. What’s more, you helping fight puppy mills that don’t care about the welfare of animals. Choose to adopt a pet today!

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