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Why do Dogs and Cats Fight?

Why do Dogs and Cats Fight?

Why do Dogs and Cats Fight?

Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats always fight? Do they hate each other? Are they enemies by nature? Is there any explanation as to why do they always fight? Is there a history behind it? Let’s all unravel the real reason behind this forever rivalry. According to countless research, dogs and cats are not natural enemies. Dogs and cats are two different species, thus resulting in them feeling uncomfortable with each other at first. 

Dogs see cats as prey and feel that they are superior, given that they are naturally bigger than cats. They tend to think that they are more powerful, resulting in them to be aggressive at times. Cats, on the other hand, see dogs as a threat. Often times, when a dog comes near them, they will unleash their sharp claws and pose on their defensive stance. 

Cats and dogs also fight more often for their territories. Animals are territorial by nature, and they see danger whenever a different kind enters their turf. They are like wild animals in the forest fighting for their kingdom. Traumatic history can also lead to each kind being cautious and defensive with one another. There could be an experience that they have in the past that made them realize that the other kind is no doubt an enemy. Bad and traumatic experiences can be implanted on their brains and will be hard to erase without proper rehabilitation. 

Another reason is they are seeking for their human companion’s attention. They also get jealous if they see their owner petting a different kind or different fur aside from them. Both of these species want undivided attention from their owner. 

Lack of human attention also leads to cat and dog fights. Not getting enough attention and care from a human companion can result in a pet becoming grumpy and moody. They would feel unrecognized and unloved if they are not given ample attention from their owners, thus resulting in them to make fighting as an outlet of their frustrations. Always remember that pets are clingy, and they are like your child, so you better give them the attention that they want before they turn rebellious. 

One of the most common reasons is fighting over food. As we all know and zoologically speaking, dogs and cats are both carnivorous, and they also possess hunting abilities. Dogs are known to be descended from wolves; once they fight for food, they would typically give up whenever they feel that the other one is stronger while cats are descended from lone predators like cheetahs. They are more cautious while hunting and would never give up over food once they have set an eye on something to feed on. 

How do they fight? They are loud! A lot of barking, howling and hissing. Their fights do not usually start with biting and clawing right away. They will try to overpower the other using their loud sound. 

Are dogs and cats natural enemies? Were they born rivals? Pet owners said no. Fight between these different species usually starts if a human companion first owned the other. Owning a dog for quite some time and then getting a cat as a new addition to the family will result in trouble. 

Why do Dogs and Cats Fight?

On the contrary, try to own a dog and a cat at the same time, and while they are still young, you’ll see a huge difference. Dogs and cats usually get along in this case. They can even be the best pals.

As a dog and cat grows up, they would eventually learn to co-exist with one another. They will learn to behave under the presence of each other. By the guidance of their human companion, they will recognize each other as siblings and their owners as their parents. Fights can also be avoided if they will be given their sanctuaries at home. Make it a habit to give each other their respective spaces. Remember that animals can also reciprocate human behavior. 

To wrap it up, always remember to treat pets as your child. Give them love, time, and affection. Dogs and cats are not wild animals. There is no such thing as natural enemies. With proper training and guidance, they can get along with each other. They can even be the best of friends. 

Author: Michael Jordan
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