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Why Are You Thankful for Your Pets?

Why Are You Thankful for Your Pets?

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we asked our wonderful subscribers to share all the reasons that they are grateful for their pets! We received a number of responses emphasizing the love that we have for our fur friends. Read on to find out some of the reasons that our followers are so fond of their pets.


Jeannette Ward

“Blue, Cheyenne and Mollie are so special to me! They all have their own special needs and personalities. They feel and know my feelings and emotions. It's instinctive. And I am just grateful that my furry family is healthy, happy, and I have a heartfelt love for all of them and I know that they love me so far more than I can truly understand.”


Sophia Moges

“I love them more than I can say. They are everything to me and they give unconditional love to me.”


Charlene Cabrera

“My Caleb got sick, but we are poor, so I prayed for him to get well, always reassuring him that we love him. Somehow, he made it through, he showed us that he fought for his life, to be well again, to be with us through thick and thin. I thank God for this miracle, and I never stop thanking Caleb for fighting it out, with hugs and kisses, to show how much he is loved by us.”


Evelyn Bell

“Because I love my fur babies and do my best to take good care of them and they love me in return.”


Nikki Turner

“Pure, innocent love.”


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