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The Perfect Time for a New BFF ?

The Perfect Time for a New BFF ?

The Perfect Time for a New BFF ?

You, New Pets & the Corona-virus Outbreak: The Perfect Time for a New BFF. To everyone’s surprise, during the global corona-virus outbreak and countrywide lock-downs everywhere, we have witnessed a rise in pet adoption numbers. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the month of March had approximately 600 people sign up for foster online applications.

It seems like a lot of people are assuming now is the best time for pet adoption. In this article, we will look into why this might be possible.

Why Is the Global Pandemic the Perfect Time for a New Best Furry Friend?

The lack of excuses for delaying it and the growing need for the unconditional love of a furry friend can be the leading causes behind this phenomenon. However, other reasons include:

Pet’s Reduce Our Stress & Anxiety Levels

Surviving a global pandemic is a stressful time. Many variables are causing mental anguish for most people around the world, like isolation, quarantines, lockdowns, reduced mobility, and financial stress.

These furry little creatures have the soothing ability to take away both physical and psychological pain, especially anxiety, stress, and depression. They also encourage playfulness and exercise, which in turn improve cardiovascular health. This is the support we all desperately need in a situation where the coronavirus infectivity and mortality rate is increasing each day rapidly.

Never Feel Alone

When you have the innocent and unconditional love of a pet, it is hard to feel lonely. The emotional support they provide makes it easy for many of us to hold on to our sanity during long periods of lockdown and isolation.

The Perfect Time for a New BFF ?

Always at Home to Care for Them

With the whole family at home, this is the perfect time to adopt a pet. There will always be someone to look out for our furry little friends. Parents are adopting dogs. When questioned about such an important decision in such unnatural times, they explained that it is the perfect time to get the animal integrated with the family. Parents are also grateful for the care that pets demand, as they are great attention for their children, and this makes working from home a little less stressful.

Providing a Safe Place & Care to the Little Creatures

With fewer and fewer people out on the streets, animals are the ones suffering the most. They are hungry, scared, and alone. This is why adopting pets now either from the streets or from the shelters is a win-win situation for both parties involved. The CEO and founder of FurKids, Sam Shelton, happily explains how the month of April 2020 saw only 5 dogs waiting in the shelter where usually 50 would wait. This means that pets will also have a safe, comforting, and lovable place to live — quite a comforting thought.

Final Thought

While adopting a pet right now may seem like a win-win situation, we suggest thinking ahead of the pandemic before making the final adoption. If you have already thought of everything, the reasons provided above are enough for anyone to adopt a new best furry friend. We do advise you to take up all the necessary precautions when it comes to pets in this exceptional situation.

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