Fun Ways to Entertain Your Dog Indoors

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Spring is known for its beautiful budding flowers, but that wouldn’t be the case without the occasional rain shower. Rainy days are practically promised during this time of year! So, when we are stuck inside to wait out the weather, what can we do with our dogs? How do we keep them entertained and how can we burn their energy simultaneously? We compiled ten unique ways to spend time with your dogs without leaving the house. Keep reading to learn what they are!


1. Teach some new tricks

    Keep your dog engaged by teaching them new tricks. Most dogs can do the basic ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘lay down,’ so how about something more challenging? For example, you can try ‘play dead,’ ‘sit pretty,’ or even to balance a treat on their nose!

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    2. Work their noses

      Did you know that one of the best ways for a dog to burn calories is through sniffing? Searching for scents is a fantastic doggy workout for both body and mind. Hide treats around your house and allow your pup to go look for them.


      Need to keep your pup in a controlled area? Use a snuffle mat! Bury treats between the fabric and let your dog use their snoot to get them. Give your dog the thrill of sniffing for exciting smells without having to go outdoors.


      3. Work their brains

        Stimulate your dog mentally by giving them a puzzle toy. Puzzles help your dog to build confidence because they emphasize individual play and problem-solving. Find a puzzle that suits your pet’s skill level (beginner, intermediate, hard) and increase difficulty once they have mastered the puzzle.

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        4. Play bonding exercises

          A classic game of tug-of-war will tire your dog out while strengthening your bond. Keep things interesting by occasionally breaking from play to do some tricks. Another fun game for rainy days is fetch. You don’t need a ton of space; just enough to casually toss or roll the ball. When playing indoors, it’s not so much about the distance traveled by the ball but the praise and positivity that you show your dog when they retrieve it.

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          5. Schedule a play date

          Does your dog have a best friend? Schedule a play date with them! If both dogs are comfortable at the other’s house, have your friends/family bring their dog over (or vice versa) for playtime. Socialization with familiar pets is a wonderful activity to keep your dog entertained when you are stuck indoors.

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          6. Do agility training

            Create an at-home obstacle course for your dog. You can purchase an indoor agility kit or use items around your house such as pillows, hula hoops, brooms, cardboard boxes, etc. to create your course. Design areas for burrowing, weaving, climbing, and jumping. Make sure that everything is stable and safe, though!

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            7. Have a photoshoot

              Practice your pup’s modeling skills! Set up a small photo area, get your dog’s attention with a high value treat, and start snapping photos. For more tips on how to take better photos of your pets, check out our blog on the topic here. But even if your pictures don’t turn out as well as you’d like, the photoshoot process is still engaging enough to burn some of your dog’s restless energy.

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              8. Give them a long-lasting treat

                Whip up a yummy snack and freeze it in a Kong or similar treat mold. Find a recipe that includes some of your dog’s favorite ingredients and works well when frozen. Allow the treat to harden, then give to your pet in their bed/crate/designated spot. This works best following a physical activity, like agility training or tug-of-war.

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                9. Go outside anyway!

                  If your dog doesn’t mind the rain, why not let them splash in the puddles? A little rain can be fun! If you do choose to go out, just remember to set a towel and some paw wipes by the door so you can clean up when you return; or you can bring your dog straight from the mud to the tub…

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                  10. Have a spa day

                    A spa day is a splendid way to spend time with your dog indoors. Give some T-L-C to your P-E-T! Pamper them to a bath, clean their ears, brush their teeth, and trim their nails. You can even create a natural, dog-friendly face mask. For the perfect salon finish, use a paw balm to massage and moisturize their pads after bathing.

                    (photo by ‘Damedeeso’ via Canva Pro)


                    You don’t have to be outside to burn your dog’s energy. Being stuck indoors with your dog all day can actually give you a lot of creative bonding opportunities! Brain games, agility training, or a photoshoot are all ways that you can engage your pet’s mind and body at home. Do you have a unique method of helping your dog pass the time inside? Leave a comment with your favorites!



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