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Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign might be more useful than you think.  Yes, you consult the charts for the usual daily decisions like finding your soulmate, designing a tattoo, or when to make a significant investment.  But do you know your zodiac sign can also help you find your forever pet?  Getting the right dog, just like finding THE ONE, can give you the best days of your life. Here is our list of Best Dog Breed based on Zodiac Signs.

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself" - JOHN BILLINGS

Finding the right dog means finding the ultimate love of your life.  But let's not forget that these should be used as a guide, not as a rule.  This is a fun way of looking at the stars and an exciting way to your journey to meeting your ultimate canine friend.  So, let's take a quick look at your zodiac sign and see which dog fits you best.


March 21 - April 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Aries are natural-born leaders.  They are fearless, full of energy, and highly intelligent.  German shepherds are the same.  This is the reason they are usually used as police dogs.  They are also courageous, loyal, and highly trainable.  They are a perfect match for a fire sign like Aries.  Who doesn't want these handsome devils?


April 21 - May 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Tauruses are dependable, loyal, and friendly, just like golden retrievers.  Golden retrievers are one of the most beautiful dog breeds with it's fetching dog features and pretty blond coats which Tauruses will appreciate.  Tauruses love everything beautiful in life and would naturally gravitate towards a beautiful breed like the golden retriever.


May 21 - June 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Corgis like Geminis are affectionate, smart, friendly, and enjoy being the center of attention.  A perfect match!   Gemini being the sign of twins, it will be ideal for getting two of these small-statured, adorable corgis.  Corgis are made famous by the British Royal family having many corgis running around Buckingham palace and accompanying the queen on hunting trips.


June 21 - July 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Cancers love getting cuddles and kisses and being reminded that they are loved.  They need constant reassurance because they are emotional, sensitive, and very nurturing.   Pomeranians are sensitive to these needs and thrive on cuddles.  They also love to give their owners kisses and their undivided attention.


July 21 - August 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Leos are warm, generous, and playful. They have strong personalities and love the outdoors, just like Rottweilers.  Both humans and dogs are natural-born leaders who are reliable and affectionate.  Rottweilers are highly trainable and tend to be overly protective of their families.  These gentle giants are a perfect fit for Leos.


August 21 - September 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Virgos always keep their cool.  They are calm, calculated, smart, and are comfortable being alone.  Virgos don't open up to others easily, but they are loving and sweet to their loved ones.  The same is true with the Chow Chow breed.  Chow chows are aloof but adorable once you earned their trust.  They are very loving to their family and can be very protective, just like Virgos.  It's hard not to fall in love with these cuties.


September 21- October 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Libras are well-balanced, peace-loving individuals who love order and harmony.  They are also fit and enjoy outdoor activities like running, which makes the Greyhound a perfect dog for them.  Greyhounds are regal, agile, and swift, which matches perfectly well for a Libras personality.

Greyhounds are easily trained and love routine and structure.  They love discipline.  Greyhounds’ personality is the dog equivalent of Libras.


October 21 - November 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Scorpios are feisty, emotional, and fearless.  They are not afraid to try new things.  Scorpios are strong-willed and usually get what they want because they can easily influence others.  They are fun-loving leaders, just like the terrier.  So if you are always up for a new adventure, the terrier is the perfect canine friend.  They are always ready for adventure and will always have a great attitude doing it.


October 21 - November 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Sagittariuses love to travel and explore new things.  They are loving, kind, and appreciate intelligence.  The Australian shepherd is wily and smart.  They also love the outdoors and help their human families with chores, especially if it involves being in the great outdoors.  A Sagittarius and Australian shepherd is a match made in heaven.


December 21 - January 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are driven, meticulous, and hardworking.  These are traits that St. Bernards appreciate.  They are tireless and can put in the work just as much as their humans.  St. Bernards are also charming, highly curious, and playful.  Capricorns will benefit significantly from their energy.  Life will be less stressful with these beautiful, gentle giants keeping you company.


January 21 - February 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Aquarians are highly adaptable, affectionate, gentle, and graceful  They can be strong and feisty when needed or provoked.  Aquarians have big personalities, just like the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.  It is small in stature but very big in personality.  These dogs love to interact with strangers and get to know people, a true aquarian character.


February 21 - March 20

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

Pisces are creative and introspective.  They are highly intelligent and often misunderstood.  Poodles are their perfect companion.  Poodles are very trainable, smart, and are sensitive to their master's needs.  Their fluffy coats make for a great cuddle buddy.

Best Dog Breed Based on Zodiac Sign

If zodiac signs are not your thing, no problem, take a look at the dog traits above and compare them to yours, it will still help.  Getting a dog is a long term commitment that should not be taken lightly, but nobody said you couldn't have fun doing it.

I hope this helps you find the dog(s) of your dreams.  This is not an exact science, but what a fun way to add to your journey! Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets. Do comment below to share your views.

"God gave us dogs because he knew we would need guardian angels we can hug."  - Anonymous

Author: Karol Joyce
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