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10 Amazing Facts about your Dog

10 Amazing Facts about your Dog

10 Amazing Facts about your Dog

Canines are, perhaps, the most beloved animal in the entire animal world. Their key characteristics of loyalty and kindness have long described them as the perfect companion for humans and many pictures and arts are here to back up that claim. However, there are some things out there that you might not be aware of. That’s why we selected 10 Amazing Facts about your Dog for your interest.

Here are 10 Amazing Facts about your Dog and what makes them even more unique than they already are.

Detection for early Cancer or other Human Diseases

There are many benefits to dog ownership. Dogs can be qualified to detect cancer and other diseases in humans. Carcinogenic cells release different metabolic waste products than healthy cells in the human body. Since dogs own a full acute sense of smell, they can detect the presence of disease in the human body far sooner than people. Canines are often able to identify the genetic markers of cancer simply by smelling someone’s breath.

In other words, a dog can help an owner to seek medical therapy in the beginning stages of the disease. And usually, this could save their lives.

Dogs can lower your Blood Pressure

Analysis tells that owning a dog is an important factor in more optimal heart rates. Moreover, dogs can help you achieving and maintaining a blood pressure reading in the normal range.

Dogs Promote feelings of Relaxation and Stress Relief

Time spent with your lovely dog helps to promote a sense of tranquil and peace. And sometimes, this is all that you all need. For instance, studies show that having closeness to a dog helps to release endorphins, a chemical that helps to combat stress and improve your outlook.

Dogs open up the door for further Social Moments

Sometimes it is very easy for a person to isolate himself. But, having a dog allows you to become more social in many ways. Furthermore, dogs can help you cure shyness. Being with your dog can help boost your confidence, which is why it’s so much more encouraging to walk down in a park with your dog by your side.

Dogs can Smell People Feelings

Your dog can select up on exact changes in your scent, which can help him figure out how you are feeling. And usually, when you are nervous, your dog will become too. Have you ever noticed that? Also, It’s very amazing how dogs can know that a household member is pregnant.

Dogs have a Sense of Time

Yes! Be sure that your furry baby knows the difference between an hour and six. And they miss you all the time you are gone. Dogs pick up on our habits and they also sense how much time has passed. Even more, they can predict future events, such as regular walk times.

Dog Tail Wagging has its sign

You have seen your dog uncontrollably wags his tail when he sees you, right? Well, there is an ultimate rule with the dog’s tail. Dogs wag their tails to the right when they’re satisfied and to the left when they’re scared. Wagging low means that the dog is insecure, while rapid tail wagging can signal the dog’s aggression. Keep that in mind and you will always know your dog’s moods.

The smell center of a Canine’s Brain is much larger than Humans

Dogs can detect the smell thousands of times better than people. Even more, the “smell” center of a dog’s brain is 100 times larger than yours. Their noses have millions of more scent receptors.

10 Amazing Facts about your Dog

And… do not forget their Ears

Dog’s ears can not be matched to anything in this world. The positioning of their ears and their muscles helps them pick up a whole host of sounds that people can’t ever pick up. Therefore, the most popular reason for why dogs tilt their heads is that they’re trying to locate the source of a sound.

But, Dogs have less sense of Taste than Human

The canine sense of taste is much fewer developed. Due to that, they will eat nonsense and so speedily. Also, their less inequitable sense of taste has to do with their evolutionary instincts.


Dogs do Dream

We have all see our sleeping dog suddenly lets out a woof as his legs begin to twitch. Or they move their legs as if they are running from something. Or maybe you have noticed your pooch twitching in his sleep? Well, just like humans, and dogs enter a deep sleep stage. Most importantly, researchers observed that canines have related sleep patterns and brain activity just like us.

Doggy Prints Are Unique

A dog’s nose print is one of a kind. Just as every people has a unique fingerprint, similarly every dog has a unique nose print. In conclusion, two dog noses are never the same.

Dog Intelligence

The essence is that dogs have the same intelligence level as a four-year-old child. Furthermore, some of the dogs who are very ”childish” look like a three or maybe a two-year-old kid. Approximately they have the same ages and they also speak the same language, about 250 words and gestures. To sum up, are you still wondering why kids around this age seem to have a unique relationship with the family dog?

Author: Tamara Spasovska
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