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How to know if your Dog needs more Exercise

How to know if your Dog needs more Exercise

How to know if your Dog needs more Exercise

Have you ever wondered how to know if your dog needs more exercise? Then this article is for you. If your dog pacing around the room while you are working on something else? If it jumping like a possessed animal without any apparent reason? Then probably your dog needs to get more exercise.

For some dogs, a daily walk is just enough to keep them fit. But some breeds need to undergo strenuous activities regularly to use their excess energy. Here are some of the signs your dog needs more exercise: 

Your dog is overweight

This is the easiest way to notice if your dog needs to do more exercise. Apart from increasing the number of daily walks and exercising, you may have to check on the kind of food your furry friend eats. Just like humans, when you combine a poor diet with a sedentary lifestyle, your dog will gain lots of weight.

Don’t let your dog take in more energy than they can use. Set up an exercise routine to help your dog expend its energy.


Does your dog find it hard to fall asleep at night? Does it jump up without any apparent reason or run around the house even when you are busy on another project? These are signs your dog has more than enough energy.

Put on the dog harness and go for even longer daily walks or engage in playful sessions at your home. These activities help to drain the excess energy in your dog so it can relax peacefully at night.

How to know if your Dog needs more Exercise

Excessive barking

Is your dog’s barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? It barks at almost everything it sees?

Just like restlessness, excess barking is a sign of boredom in your dog. If your dog has lots of energy, then barking may be one of the ways to use it. By increasing exercise and mental stimulation, you can reduce the intensity of your dog’s barking.  

Your dog’s body is stiff

Is your dog hesitating to climb the stairs? Does it find it hard turning its head? Then probably your dog needs to do more exercise.

The sedentary lifestyle weakens and stiffens your dog’s muscles. However, with regular exercises, the muscles become strong and flexible, allowing your dog to move easily.

Your dog is depressed

Depression is a sign your dog is not getting enough exercise. The same way physical fitness in  humans improves our mental health is how it also impacts the emotional health of dogs.

Increase the number of times you take your dog for walks and engage in many other games such as tug of war and ball throwing to keep your dog active and excited.

Pulling the leash

How to know if your Dog needs more Exercise
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When your dog is trying to pull the leash as if to take you on a human walk, then it may be an indication of excess energy.

In such moments, the best thing to do is to engage in a tug of war with your dog. Let the dog pull on its side using its teeth. Let the dog expend its energy as it tries to release the leash from your side.

Destructive Behavior

Do you come into a room only to find things scattered all over the place? Does your dog chew on furniture and scratch the floor? Then probably it needs a way to vent its energy.


Exercise is an important part of your dog’s life. It improves your dog’s emotional and physical health. So, your dog should get enough of these exercise sessions every day to live a longer and happier life. Some of the signs your dog needs more exercise include weight gain, restlessness, excessive barking, depression, and destructive behavior, among others.

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