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Dogs during Summer - Cooling Treats & Indoor Environment

Dogs during Summer - Cooling Treats & Indoor Environment

Dogs during Summer - Cooling Treats & Indoor Environment

Dogs during summer can have a sunburn and other problems. Therefore they need a cooler environment and nutritious food. This way, their body gets the energy to defend them against the hot season.

Here you can learn about some delicious treats and tips to help your furry friend remain joyous, happy, and cool during the hot sunny days.

Treats for Dogs

You can make different homemade food treats, which makes them cheerful and helps pups cope with the hot days.

Yogurt Treat

You can give this cooling treat to your dogs during the summer. They will surely love the combo of yogurt and carob. The carob in the ingredient will also provide nutrients to your pup.


  • Dog biscuits
  • 1 tbsp of carob powder or 1 cup of carob chips
  • 1 cup of Greek or plain yogurt


  1. Toss the carob chips in a bowl and melt it over boil water. If you are using its powder, then mix it directly into yogurt.
  2. Dip one side of the biscuit into the carob bowl and put it onto a tray.
  3. Place another dog biscuit on top of it to make a sandwich. Repeat the procedure.
  4. When done, put the tray in the freezer. Cool it before serving.

Minty Biscuits

As the recipe contains parsley and mint, it provides many health benefits to your dog as well as gives them fresh breath.


  • 1 cup of Greek or plain yogurt
  • Fresh parsley leaves
  • Fresh mint leaves


  1. Add yogurt, parsley, and mint in a blender. Blend them until they get evenly combined. You can add water for batter consistency.
  2. Fill the ice cube trays and toss them in the freezer.
  3. Freeze until it gets cold and solid.

Dogs during Summer - Cooling Treats & Indoor Environment

How to Create the Best Indoor Environment for You Dog?

Your pup can’t take summer for longer. They can also get heatstroke if you don't take care of them properly. The following are some ways to keep your little fellow active and healthy in summer days.

Give Plenty of Water

Same as humans, the dog needs to intake more water on hot days. This way, they can hydrate their body and get energy from the H2O. Dogs during summer usually don’t put you in trouble of running after them for food and water, as they look for plenty of water.

If you go anywhere with your canine, take water with you, and give it to your little fellow every half an hour.

Provide Water to Play

A wet furry pup is a cool pup. You can arrange water pools in your home to give them an area where they can enjoy splashing. If you go outside for a walk, throw a stick near the water for your dog to fetch. The four-leggy will love this game while getting wet.

This way, their body temperature will drop in a moment. But make sure to take a towel with you to dry your furry friend.

Make a Cool Spot for Canine

Most canines look for cool places to lie down when they feel hot, such as a kitchen floor or a tiled bathroom. You can make their bed in the coldest area of your home. But make sure to keep the bed above the ground, so that the bed will not absorb heat from the surface.

Don’t Shave Your Pup

Your dog’s coat helps them to remain cooler in hotter days and aids in preventing sunburn. Instead of trimming their coats, brush them regularly to take off their undercoat. This will help them more than the shaving technique.

Bottom Line

Keeping cool your dogs during summer is an easy task. You only have to make their environment cooler and give them things to eat or drink, which can help lower the heat in their body.

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