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All About Jerky Treats for Dogs

All About Jerky Treats for Dogs

Lean, savory, and just a little bit chewy – that’s how you want your jerky to taste. But, if you want to enjoy a quality piece of meat for yourself, you probably want the same experience for your dog, right? Since they are not meant to eat human jerky, dogs now have their own versions of jerky! Many different dog food companies have started producing jerky snacks for dogs, giving us pup parents plenty to choose from. So, what makes one selection better than the next? Why is it important to check the ingredients of your dog jerky? Find out the answers to these questions (and more) in the article below!


Why can’t I feed my dog my jerky?

Jerky intended for humans is not very healthy for dogs. While it may not pose immediate threats, human-grade jerky is made with a lot of extra salt. If your dog’s sodium level gets too high, they can suffer from dehydration and other serious problems. It’s best to stick with snacks designed for dogs because they should contain low salt levels that are safe for pets.

Additionally, jerky for people usually comes with a lot of additional flavoring. Teriyaki, peppered, and BBQ are just a few examples of common jerky flavors. These won’t sit well with your pup’s stomach! When feeding a snack like this to your pet, you should look for plain protein flavors, like chicken or beef.

What else should I be aware of?

Not all jerky brands are healthy for your pet. Always check over the ingredients listed to get a complete understanding of what you are feeding your dog. In a jerky treat, you want to find as few ingredients as possible. The main ingredient should always be a protein (meat, poultry, or fish), and there shouldn’t be a lot of additions beyond that. Look up each ingredient used to make sure that it is safe in moderation.

In addition to ingredients used, you should be aware of where those ingredients have been sourced. The FDA warns pet owners to avoid jerky treats made in China after receiving an alarming number of illness and death reports. The cases linking dog jerky products and Chinese manufacturers began in 2007 and investigations have continued since then. Check the product labels for sourcing information to be absolutely positive that the protein included is not sourced or processed from China.

You should also consider the size of each jerky strip. Pieces should not be too small or too large for your dog’s mouth. Break or cut the jerky into smaller bits if it is too big and make a point to keep water easily accessible to your dog when feeding them.

Lastly, be mindful of how many treats you are giving to your pet. Jerky treats are a dog favorite, so keep it that way by making it a high-value reward that is only given on occasion. Feeding too frequently can take the excitement away and can lead to weight gain, dietary disruption, and serious health issues.


Where can I find safe jerky treats?

There are tons of different jerky treats available in most pet stores and pet ecommerce retailers. Read the packaging to check for ingredients, sourcing, portion size, and/or feeding frequency. Try out various brands, types, and proteins to see what works the best for your dog’s diet and palette.

A fantastic place to shop for dog jerky is right here at NYP! We know how deeply our canine friends value their jerky, but the threat of poor-quality ingredients and toxic additives is concerning. That’s why we decided to launch our own line of dog jerky! These treats are 100% digestible, full of protein, and contain safe ingredients and portion sizes. Chewy, savory, and lean, they provide your dog with a scrumptious snack that will appease both hunger and health. All our treats are safely sourced and produced in the USA. We offer four enticing flavors to captivate your pup’s tastebuds: beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon! For a complete summary of each one, check out our infographics and photos below.



































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