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7 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

7 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

7 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Are you considering giving your dog fresh foods? Then you may be making the right decision. This is because there are several benefits of fresh dog food as this diet will tremendously improve your dog’s health and lengthen its lifespan.

Without further ado, let me show you the benefits of switching to the fresh dog food diet:

Healthier Digestion

When dogs are in the wild, they consume small animals such as rabbits which are herbivores. They are able to eat vegetables as they eat the contents of their prey’s stomach. In your home, fresh dog food that contains both vegetables and meat is necessary for a healthy digestive system. This is because vegetables contain fiber which improves the digestive process of your dog thereby alleviating problems such as constipation and loose stool.

Longer Life

A study published in 2003 revealed that dogs fed on fresh dog diet had a lifespan of 13.1 years, while those who were fed on commercial and canned foods averaged 10.4 years.  That leaves with an extra 2 years to enjoy the company of your dog.

Additives such as preservatives, starch and synthetic nutrients present in commercial foods drastically affect the health of your dog. The same way people cannot live long while on canned foods due to the negative effects on their health is the same way dogs’ lives is shortened.

Shinier Coat

Commercial foods such as the dry dog food deprive your dog of the essential oils and fats needed to maintain a glossy coat. Within a few days of switching to fresh dog food, you will notice how the rough, itchy and dry skin transforms into a lustrous and moisturized coat.

What’s more, the cortisone shots and reaction reducing steroids given to dogs at the vet clinic to treat their scaly skin may also have side effects. So, it’s better to give your dog the freshly prepared food to avoid unnecessary problems.  

Dog becomes Smarter

According to a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine, anti-oxidant rich diet can improve cognitive function in dogs.  Fresh foods contain high levels of antioxidants which increases the efficiency of brain neurotransmitter functions in your dog.

Instead of settling for commercial foods that contain high levels of fat, choose fresh dog foods that will make your dog become smart and active even in old age.  

7 Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Keeps Weight in Check

Most of the obese cases in dogs are related to the type of food that they consume. In fact, a study published in the journal of Preventive Veterinary Medicine reveals that only 3 percent of obesity cases are dog-specific such as illness or genetics.

Commercial foods fatten dogs because they contain high levels of starch. Manufactured pet foods have many fillers such as corn, potatoes and wheat because they are less expensive to source. 

Freshly prepared dog food, on the flip side, contains properly cooked ingredients such as vegetables and meat that offer a balanced diet. There is no need for fillers because your dog already has all the nutrients it needs.  

Better sleep in the Night

If your pet gets up in the night trying to get comfortable by switching positions, sighing and breathing, then probably it could be having a problem with its digestive system. One of the benefits of switching to a fresh food diet is that your dog will have a calm and smooth digestive process. The end result is a healthier sleeping pattern because your dog is comfortable.

Brighter Eyes

Vitamin A is commonly found in fresh dog foods. This nutrient helps to improve your dog’s eyesight. Some of the foods containing vitamin A include kale, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Colorful veggies such carrots also contain huge amounts of vitamins!


Fresh dog foods have many health benefits for your dog. They contain plenty of healthy fats and oils to keep your dog’s coat shiny. Freshly prepared dog foods also ensure healthy digestion because they contain fiber. Even better, because of the comfort resulting from a healthy digestive process, your dog will sleep comfortably in the night. It is high time you switched to fresh dog foods! 

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Author: Vincent Otieno

Author bio - Vincent Otieno

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