Kate McGahan

Kate has been a Hospice Counselor and Clinical Social Worker for 40+ years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Nazareth University of Rochester NY and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University (1989). She now lives and writes in Southern Arizona with her two dogs, Immy and Joey.

She began writing the "Jack McAfghan" Pet Loss Series in 2015 after the "death" of her mixed-breed Afghan Hound, Jack. She was in the process of writing two unrelated novels when the loss of Jack -- and then her father unexpectedly the following day -- sent her reeling. Despite her professional experience in death and dying, she went through the dark nights of the soul as she attempted to cope with loss and complicated grief. Although Jack was sending her signs from Heaven all along, he finally reached her in the only way he knew how. Through her intuitive writing. The result would change the course of her life and those of her readers.

Kate McGahan's Books

Whether you are struggling with pet loss or the death of a loved one, Kate's books will apply to your personal journey and bring you out the other side of grief. Her writing is the culmination of rich personal life experience combined with clinical expertise. A lifetime of studying spirituality and family dynamics makes each of her books comforting, entertaining and thought-provoking. Kate draws forth in the reader a new understanding of human dynamics as well as reminders of the power of faith. Her strong intuition, bringing the stories to the reader from the dog's point of view, will help you to work through your trauma until your love and faith become stronger than your grief.

When you learn something new you grow; when you grow you heal. It's all By Design. You can't read one of Kate's best-selling books without healing something in your heart and soul. While you think she is just entertaining you, she is also planting seeds of wisdom and teaching you new ways of looking at yourself and those you love. These books will change the way you think. Each book heals your heart in a different way. You will never look at life or death or love the same way again.

Our story is your story too.

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