7 Effective Tips to Control Excess Dog Hair

7 Effective Tips to Control Excess Dog Hair

As a pet parent, you probably know that shedding is one of the downsides of having a pet. This is true especially if you have high-shedding breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Beagles, and Golden Retrievers.  Here are our top 7 tips to control excess Dog hair and make your life a little easy.

 In this article, you are going to learn about effective ways to live a hair-free life with your lovely dog.

Groom your dog’s hair frequently

Grooming is associated with improving the appearance of your dog. However, there are many more benefits of taking time to clean your dog such as better hygiene and smell. Frequent grooming of your dog enables you to reduce the build-up of loose hair on its skin. This in turn limits the amount of hair it naturally sheds while walking around the house.  

Creating a grooming routine for your dog is one of the most effective ways to stop the fur from getting everywhere in the house. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your pet groomer to get your dog cleaned. You can buy specially designed grooming tools and take care of your dog’s coat at home.  

Use a vacuum for dog hair

Removing pet hair from surfaces is one of the biggest problems that normal vacuums face. This happens because static electricity makes your pet’s hair cling tightly onto the carpet or couches. So, no amount of brushing or suction power can remove the hair. The normal vacuum ends up being overworked and doing a poor job.  

 That is why you should buy a vacuum that is specifically designed to remove dog hair. This type of vacuum has a much stronger suction power and can glide under beds and couches to clean hard-to-reach places.  

Learn your dog’s shedding pattern

Always be keen to identify your dog’s shedding pattern to match it with the grooming schedule. During months when you expect your dog to shed lots of hair, you adapt by increasing the number of times you clean it in a week. You may also cover your fabric furniture and limit your dog’s movement to reduce the chances of its fur spreading everywhere.  

When you notice excessive shedding of hair, contact your vet immediately because there could be an underlying reason. Some causes of excessive shedding in dogs include stress, diet, and allergies.  

Consider buying non-fabric furniture

Fabric furniture catches and traps your pet’s hair, but smooth surfaces are easy to clean. If you love cuddling your dog on the sofa, then you should consider buying non-fabric furniture such as leather, and vinyl couches. Pet hair on these surfaces is easy to brush away because they don’t get entangled.

7 Effective Tips to Control Excess Dog Hair

Cover fabric couches using couch covers  

If you don’t have the budget for non-fabric furniture, then there is good news for you. Covers can reduce the amount of pet hair that gets stuck in your beautiful fabric furniture. By simply placing a washable cover on your couch, you have solved the problem of having to manually pick your dog’s fur from the couch every time.  

 Other benefits of using couch covers are that they reduce the scratches your dog would make on your couch and also prevent dirt from getting in. So, your furniture becomes more durable. You can find these washable covers at furniture stores or on online retail platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress.

Give your dog an Omega-3 supplement  

Did you know that Omega-3 supplements can reduce shedding in your dog? Omega-3 fatty acids boost the health of your dog’s skin. What’s more, it improves the lustre of damaged skin and causes your dog’s coat to shine! All these effects by Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the amount of shedding from your dog’s skin.  

Feed your dog a healthy diet

Diet-related allergies are some main reasons why your dog sheds its fur. So by avoiding the types of foods your dog is allergic to, you reduce the frequency and intensity of fur shedding. Veterinarians recommend feeding your dog meals that are rich in fatty acids and digestible protein. Ensure that your dog gets plenty of drinking water because dehydration also causes shedding of fur.  


Shedding of fur is normal in pets. However, if it is not controlled, then pet hair can become a nuisance to you. Some ways to reduce the shedding of fur across the house include grooming your dog regularly with high-quality brushes, feeding your dog a healthy diet, and providing enough drinking water to reduce dehydration. If you notice excessive shedding of hair from your pet, then you should contact a vet for a check-up because there could be an underlying condition.  

Author: Vincent Otieno
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