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Lya Battle: Connecting with a true “UNSUNG HERO”

Lya Battle: Connecting with a true “UNSUNG HERO”


I have met many beautiful and amazing people, but Lya stood out in a way that made me stop and think and learn about life, and our part in it.

As a spiritual seeker, I would call her an incredibly evolved soul.

Lya Battle believes that we can create our own reality.

And that is exactly what she set out to do.

Motivated by a stray she adopted, Osso, she started to shelter more and more abandoned dogs, until she ran out of space in her own home.

That is when she and her husband converted their over 300 hectare farm of her Grandfather in Costa Rica into a forever home for dogs.

Dogs that are homeless and abandoned.

Dogs who probably would never get adopted .

Today she runs this beautiful cageless Farm Territorio de Zaguates with over 2000 dogs running free, playing and eating together without any fear that they would be homeless again.

They also have an in-house Clinic tending to their vaccinations and medical needs.

Her story is unique and inspiring.

Against all obstacles and endless red tape, she fought hard to make her dream a reality.

And now she is working hard to keep it running.

Her greatest source of fuel are the dogs who fill her life with love.

I have had the immense pleasure of interviewing Lya and hearing how she started her incredible mission.


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