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5 Proven ways to calm your Anxious Pets

5 Proven ways to calm your Anxious Pets

 5 Proven ways to calm your Anxious Pets

Without regular and enough exercise, dogs can easily develop anxiety issues & anxiety can create uncontrollable energy. However, there are other ways to make your dog relax and clam at home without going out. Here are the 5 Proven Ways to Calm Your Anxious Pets


A study conducted by the University of Glasgow proves that music can help the dog to relax even in shelters. They cooperated with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to play 6 hours of music from five different genres. It includes classics, soft rock, reggae, pop, and Motown. Dog’s heart rate variability, cortisol levels, and behaviors are the measures of stress level. Dogs are generally less stressful when they heard music. Researchers observed that different dogs responded differently depending on the type of music. That means each dog has a different preference for the music types.

Another study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior has also proven that certain types of music can make dogs bark less and show signs of relaxation, for example, lie down. They found the classical music was very effective in calming the dogs in the shelter in the first week. But it slowly worn off after a week. It is possible that dogs get bored of the music after a week and need to try other genres of music, according to the researchers.

I have heard from many people who live alone enjoy to turn on the TV even though they are not watching it. It makes them feel less lonely and quiet in the house. So why not for our pets? Playing music, turning on TV or audiobook can give your pet some engagement and distraction. The voice of another human being can make them feel less lonely. It could be fun to find out what is your pet personal preference for music.

Try Aromatherapy

While some people might find aromatherapy is not very scientific or convincing, don’t forget dogs love to explore the world with scent. There are formulas specially developed for pets and vet-approved. Rub the oil along your pet’s back or area that they can’t lick it. Always follow the instruction for proper use. Aromatherapy oils can lessen stress and calm anxiety, for example, Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium Rose. Explore aromatherapy with your pet to see which one is his/her favorite.

Give your pet a job

While you may hate your job, your dog loves a job. Apart from regular, daily exercise, playtime or giving your dog a job help alleviate extra energy and relieve stress. My dog loves fetching at home. Even we live in a tiny apartment, we still try to play fetch with him indoor. He loves to run after his tennis ball and can play 20 rounds non-stop. To him, it is a game and also a job to bring back the ball. Don’t underestimate the power of fetching, it can make your dog pant and exhausted.

Mental exercise is just as effective as physical exercise. A Kong toy or puzzle feeders are a wonderful way to reduce your dog’s daily stress level. You can even pour parts of their daily recommended amount of food into a Kong toy to provide mental stimulation and keep them busy, which can ease feelings of being on edge.

5 Proven ways to calm your Anxious Pets

Crate training

Teach your dog that a crate is a place for relaxation, safety, and calm. When they enter the crate, they should know that it is time for a relaxing moment in a day, just like a den for wolves. Dog finds it comfortable to have their own space at home.

Be a pack leader

The stressed and nervous mood can easily be sensed by your pets. It is because you have translated it into body language or tones of voice. Your pet may pick up your negative emotions and get upset. As a pack leader, stay tune with your energy and remain calm are the keys for a relaxed pet.

We hope you like reading about Proven Ways to Calm Your Anxious Pets. How do you calm your pet? Share your opinion with our fellow readers by commenting below. 

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