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Top 10 Reasons to add a dog to your home

Top 10 Reasons to add a dog to your home

Many families like the idea of sharing their home with a dog. However, they worry that with busy work schedules and active social life, they might not have the time they need to devote to a new canine pal. If you’re on the fence trying to decide if now is the right time to bring a pooch into your family, here is a list of the top 10 reasons to add a dog to your home:

Regular Exercise

After a long day at work, a lot of owners find it hard to hit the gym. Dog ownership provides you with a built-in exercise companion. The minute you walk through the door, Fido will be there to greet you, raring to go for his nightly walk.

Regular exercise will provide you with excellent health benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, achieving optimal blood pressure levels, and encouraging a thriving immune system to fight off disease. Other health benefits as a result of exercising with your dog include a reduced risk of succumbing to heart attacks or strokes.

Goodbye to Loneliness

Dogs are excellent companions. So long as you have a dog by your side, you will never truly be alone or lonely. Your canine companion will make you his world and will be only too happy to accompany you on whatever adventures you dream up; whether they be outdoors or by your side on the couch watching Netflix again.

Being Protected

Though a Chihuahua will protect his home and people far different from that of a Rottweiler, the fact is all dogs will alert bark when they detect unusual sounds near their home. This natural instinct is a built-in protection system for you, ensuring each time your home is approached or something seems not quite right, your beloved dog will be sure to let you know.

Being Loved Unconditionally

Whether you’ve had a wonderful day or a day where you wished you’d never gotten out of bed at all, your dog will still lavish you with the same level of affection and love. Your dog will be sympathetic in your sad moods, loyal in your bad ones, and will rejoice with you when things are going well. Owning a dog means you are loved without reservation, all the time.

Better Social Life

Owning a dog means you will need to take your dog places, and that encourages meeting new people. Whether you take your pooch to the dog park, the groomer, or simply the vet, you will run across other dog owners with similar interests to your own, the perfect recipe for making new friends.

Top 10 Reasons to add a dog to your home

Help with Cleaning Duties

Though dogs are very good at making messes, they also excel at helping you clean up spills around the house. Drop a few chips on the floor? Fido will be on the case before you have a chance to grab the broom. But Fido’s cleaning skills are not limited to just the floor. He’ll also happily engage in a “pre-wash” cycle for the dishes loaded in your dishwasher or lick your used dinner plates until they are so clean they shine.

Lowered Stress Levels

Research shows that the simple act of sitting and petting your dog can have a calming effect on you if you are feeling stressed. It is also believed the time spent with your dog will help encourage the release of oxytocin, a hormone closely associated with feelings of contentment and love.

Teaches Children Responsibility

If you have children and are looking for opportunities for them to learn the meaning of responsibility, adding a dog to your home can greatly help with that. Assigning children simple tasks such as feeding the dog, changing their water, and taking it for walks are an excellent way for kids to learn to care for another living being.

Changes your Focus

Owning a dog means having something to consider besides yourself and the things that trouble you. Your dog will need exercise, food, training, grooming, vet care, and love.

At the end of a busy day, it can be tempting to simply huddle up under a blanket on the couch, deeply engrossed in your own thoughts. But when you own a dog, you must take care of his needs first. This shift in thinking is very healthy for you and can even improve your mood.

Reason to get out of bed

From time to time, we can all suffer from feelings of sadness. On days when you’d rather not get out of bed, a dog will ensure that you do! Thinking a dog is what is missing in your happy home? Just not sure if the timing is right to bring a pooch into your family? Just go for it & you’ll be glad you did!

Author: Jason Homan

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