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Can a Dog Sense Human Emotions ?

Can a Dog Sense Human Emotions ?

Can a Dog Sense Human Emotions ?

Have you ever had that moment when you are about to cry, then suddenly your dog comes and starts cuddling next to you?  Or it licks you as if to provide comfort? It’s because they can sense that something is wrong and they want to provide reassurance that everything will be alright. So, Let's find out "Can a dog sense Human Emotions?".

A study published in Biology Letters revealed that dogs can detect whether a human being is happy or sad. It showed that dogs tune in with your emotions based on your facial expressions and vocalizations. They can distinguish the joyful sound of laughter from the sad sound of crying.

Since dogs have lived with human beings for over 30,000years, they may have evolved to acquire skills necessary to read their owners’ emotions and needs. 

Here are ways in which dogs react to different emotions:

How your dog reacts when you are mad

Dogs don’t like to upset their owners and can detect such emotion in their parents. Dogs react by giving you those sweet puppy eyes—raising their inner eyebrows to make their eyes look larger and more infant-like. Instead of punishing your pet, take a deep breath, and give your lovely dog a treat. You can order his favorite meal or take him for a nice long walk.

How your dog behaves when you are afraid

Your dog can sense when you feel frightened. Some dog types such as German Shepherd will react by being protective by barking loudly while other breeds will also become afraid. Frightened dogs curl their tails between their legs, and have low ears. All the same, every dog quickly detects when you are scared.

Cuddles next to you when you are sad

Dogs are loyal companions who offer unconditional love and support to their owners. Whenever they detect sadness in their owner, dogs try to provide comfort by cuddling next to them. They can also produce soothing sounds while rubbing against the owner. Some breeds even lick their parents to distract them from negative emotions.

Can a Dog Sense Human Emotions ?

Wags its tail when you are excited

If you are happy, you will notice your dog gazing at you and wagging its tail. What’s more, if you are speaking excitedly with a joyful body language, then your dog may also jump in excitement. Other dog breeds may even bark to show that they understand their owners’ positive emotions.

Signs to look for in your dog that shows it senses your happiness include: panting, wagging its tail, jumping, barking; raising its ears, running in circles, or copying your body language.


Dogs have stayed side by side with humans for over 30,000 years. Throughout this time, dogs have been domesticated and evolved to understand their masters. They can detect when you are excited and join in the excitement by wagging its tail or panting.

Dogs can also detect fear in their owners and react by either becoming afraid too or acting protective by barking or attacking the intruder. If they know you are angry towards them, dogs will look at you innocently in a bid to draw sympathy.

Author: Vincent Otieno
Author Bio - Vincent Otieno

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