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5 Simple tips to help your dog live longer

5 Simple tips to help your dog live longer

5 Simple tips to help your dog live longer

All dog owners around the world will do anything to make their dog live the most lasting life possible.  And all of that is so reasonable since dogs are part of our families. Right?

On the other hand, unfortunately, the dog's lifespan is much shorter than human. The average life expectancy of canines is just 11-14 years which, when related to people, is nowhere quite long to be man’s lifetime companion. But are there any tips that will let dogs enjoy their content life for a long time?

Consequently, there are some things we can do, though, that could completely extend a dog’s lifespan. Continue reading and bone up for some pieces of advice.

Here is our list of the top 5 simple tips to help your dog live longer. Also, don't forget to share your pet's life experiences!  Let's all participate together and support the incredible pooches to enjoy life for as long as possible.

Brushing Teeth

Many studies recommend that canine dental hygiene is so essential for the dog’s health.  Cleaning your dog’s teeth every day can protect your dog’s heart and kidney. By correctly getting his teeth brushed, you will reduce plaque. Another way, if ignored, the plaque can rise in gum infection, and oral health issues, adding your dog pain and difficulties while eating. If your dog is not a huge fan of brushing his teeth, you can try using uniquely designed treats, or even more, delicious dog toothpaste, to help clean their teeth.

Regularly Vet Checkups

It can be tricky when your dog is not feeling healthy, and you don’t know that something’s wrong. Because our dogs can’t communicate as we can, it’s much more difficult to know is there a problem with your canine’s health. But, that is why regular vet checkups are.  In most cases, an immediate diagnosis increases the possibilities of successful treatment. Furthermore, an early diagnosis is also less costly than waiting until your dog’s disease has become more severe.

5 Simple tips to help your dog live longer

Mental Stimulation

By keeping your dog mentally stimulated, you are also keeping him physically fit. Your dog is an amazing intellectual animal, and you should take time out of your day to let your dog show you his qualifications. Keep his/her mind with training games, socialization or one on one attention activities. An active dog is a healthy dog with a very long life!

Healthy Dog Food

Healthy food is just as essential for your dog as for you and your family, and it’s a confirmed fact that dogs who eat proper food, live longer. Good dog food contain high-quality versions of meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. All of these ingredients are appropriate for your dog’s digestive system. Keep in mind that we choose the food and treats – it is in our control. So, always make sure to choose the most proper dog food, and you will help to increase your dog’s life.


Vaccinations are medicine for your dog’s health, not a delusion. Vaccines help prepare a canine's immune system to protect itself from any invasion of disease-causing organisms. By getting the suitable vaccinations at the proper stages in life, your dog will be much healthier and will live more longer.

Author: Tamara Spasovska

Author Bio - Tamara Spasovska

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