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How to Keep Your Pets Entertained Indoors?

How to Keep Your Pets Entertained Indoors?

How to Keep Your Pets Entertained Indoors

We are currently living in uncertain and scary times due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic that forced us to stay at home in quarantine to reduce the risk of getting infected and infecting our loved ones too. Today we want to share How to Keep Your Pets Entertained Indoors.

For us pet owners, this means that our pets will also be indoors with us for a lengthy amount of time. The problem is, pets can easily be bored while being stuck indoors, especially energetic dogs. This boredom can lead to unwanted behavior such as destruction of furniture, biting, etc.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can keep your pets entertained while indoors in order to prevent them from resorting to destructive behavior. These are as follows:

Do Mental Exercises and Games

Stimulating your pet’s brain can be a great activity while holed up indoors. Playing the “shell game” can help your pet with his problem-solving skills and keep him entertained at the same time.

The “shell game” is where you place a treat in 1 of 3 cups and shuffle them while your pet is watching. When done shuffling, encourage your pet to pick a cup where he thinks the treat is.

Teach Your Dog to Help with The Chores

Now that we’re spending most of our time indoors, there will be a lot of chores to be done. You can take this opportunity to teach your dog to help with the chores in the house. Dogs love having a job to do, even if it’s as simple as fetching something like your slippers.

As dogs have a very impressive memory, you can even teach them the names of the items they can help retrieve. You can also teach your dog to open a fridge by tying a towel around the handle for them to pull.

Having a job can stimulate your dog’s brain and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Teach your Pets Some Tricks

We now have more time to spend with our beloved pets while being indoors, so why not take the time to teach them some new tricks?

There are numerous tutorials on how to teach your dog tricks such as high-five, twirl, sit, crawl, etc. Be sure to give them treats every time they successfully follow the commands. This can be a fun way to engage their brains and can be a great bonding time for both your pet and yourself.

How to Keep Your Pets Entertained Indoors

Play Hide and Seek

Dogs love playing hide and seek, and this type of activity can improve the bond with your dog quite a bit. It is also a great way to effectively teach and reinforce the stay command.

Hide and seek can also provide physical and mental exercise for your dog. If your dog hasn’t mastered the stay command yet, you can ask another human household member if present to hold down the dog until the command is given.

Make Your Dogs Work for Their Food

Instead of just plopping down their dog food in their dog bowls, you can engage them with a food puzzle that you can buy online.

Make your dog work for their food, as this can help further improve problem-solving and awaken the hunting instincts of their ancestral wolves.


Being stuck indoors on quarantine can be tough for both us and our beloved pets. Fortunately, with the help of these tips, we hope that you can keep your pet and yourself entertained and mentally healthy during these rough times.

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