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Top 3 games to play with your dog

Top 3 games to play with your dog

Top 3 games to play with your dog

I know that it is very hard to stay at home, but sometimes there is no other option. Keeping this in mind all you have to do is to relax at your home with your loved ones and your furry buddy. The easiest way to keep calm and stay safe at home yet entertained is with your Dog and our compilation of Top 3 games to play with your dog!

This article is for all of the pet parents around the world. There are so many things you can do with your dog at home, so let's take a look at the TOP 3 games you can play with your dog.

From building a closer bond with your dog, to teach your dog bite inhibition techniques, to teach new training skills, there are lots of benefits of playing with your dog.


Hide & Seek is very easy and fun indoor game. All you have to do is to show your dog what it is precisely you're going to hide (for example his favorite toy, or moreover a person) — and then put your dog in someplace he can't see you. Cover the thing, then go get your dog and tell him to start searching it.

For extra help, you can give him some vocals like 'yes' or 'bravo'. When your dog notices the hidden thing, make a really big deal out of how intelligent he is. Try to make him very special and smart. I guarantee that your dog will enjoy playing this game. You have to be creative where to hide stuff because your dog will know where the toy was previously found. In this way, you will keep his brain and body engaged. Have fun!

Top 3 games to play with your dog


Teaching your canine to discover treats using just his nose is an excellent game for his brain. All dogs have a high function of smell, they just need to be reminded to apply it.

Get your dog favorite treats. Your dog must stay while you cover treats around the house. If your canine hasn't performed this game in the past then you should begin only by putting them in obvious sight just to get him practiced to the idea of this game. Usually, it takes a while for canines to quit relying so densely on visible ideas and to point in their unique sniffing powers.

When your dog has reached several rounds, you can start making the game more challenging by covering treats in any more difficult spots.

Top 3 games to play with your dog


In the end, the tug of war is the most famous game around dog parents. You will love this game, primarily if you want some dose of adrenaline. You can get your dog a great exercise if you play correctly this game. But, before you start playing with your dog, be assured that he has a trustworthy "leave it" rule.

When he becomes extra hard or starts mouthing you, it's much safe to end the game. Although there are some beliefs that when you let your dog win - it promotes dominance, that is not true. In fact, we believe that allowing your dog to win just confirms that the two of you are fun to be together and makes them require to play much more.

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