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How to stop your Pet from pooping on the Carpet

How to stop your Pet from pooping on the Carpet

How to stop your Pet from pooping on the Carpet

Does it bother you as a pet owner that your lovely fur loves to poop on your carpet? Let’s admit it, cleaning the carpet is a tedious job and nobody would want to do it every day. This problem gets even more complicated to those who are meticulous when it comes to the house’s cleanliness. Have you ever thought if there could be an easy way to Stop your pet from pooping on carpet

You might have probably researched it and watched several video tutorials. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways of stopping our adorable pets from pooping on our beautiful carpets. Let’s start!

You may be wondering why vinegar? The good thing about vinegar is that it will never harm or hurt our dogs or cats. Once it mixed with the environment, it eventually vanishes as a harmless substance. If you happen to see improvements and results, you can start diluting the vinegar with water as a solution and repeat it more often so that your pets will remember the odor and refrain from going on that spot.


It’s an organic way and probably the cheapest way to stop our pets from their carpet-pooping habit. Just spray it on the area where they usually do their thing. According to research, pets are highly sensitive to smell, and they particularly hate the smell of vinegar.

Consistent with their mealtime

Changing their mealtime pattern is one of the many factors why our pets poop out of their regular pooping schedule. Be consistent so that their poop time will also do the same.

How to stop your Pet from pooping on the Carpet

Keep them on your line of sight

It’s always a good practice that our pets are in the zone of our vision. It’s one of the best ways of stopping them from their dirty thing. Once they started sniffing on your carpet and started to do the nasty pose, we can yell or make a loud noise to startle them. That’s an indication to them that what they are about to do is not right, and they will remember it if it’s continuously done. 

This is where treats and rewards come next. We should reward them with treats if they were able to follow our house rules. If you have stopped them from pooping on the carpet, reward them with bountiful treats. This way, they would feel that they have done something right, which they have done, and that is not to poop on our clean carpets. 


Positive Reinforcement by rewarding them with treats would cost us, but it’s nothing compared to being able to teach them the right thing. It’s a win-win situation because they’ll be trained, and you don’t get all the hassle of cleaning up the carpet’s mess. 


Lastly is training them to poop where they should, and that’s in the toilet. Admit it, and it amazes us whenever we see a dog pooping in the bathroom. It takes high-level training to make them be used to doing this. We can do it our way, and nothing beats patience and love. We can regularly teach them that the best spot to poop is in the toilet and not on our carpets. Every day is still a learning process for them, and it’s rewarding once we teach them that sneaking their poop on the mat is terrible and that the toilet is the right spot to do it. 

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