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We're all just walking each other Home...( to our Divine Self) -Ram Dass

Nita Daryanani Walking her Dogs Hi all NYP Pet Lovers!!!

I have been absent for a while due to a little “Bump in the road” 😃

On Dec 31 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The Younger me would been Sad , Angry and on “ Warrior “ mode.
I have decided to approach this challenge from a different angle….and turn it into an opportunity of yet a Different Growth.
This “ Maladie” is according to me….a New Teacher….Guiding me to evolve more Spiritually.

Teaching me to Awaken more Consciously.
To be Kinder …more Loving and practice more Patience.
I will definitely do what it takes to show this Teacher the Exit door….but that will only happen while I practice my lessons diligently😊
I am very optimistic and at the same token, Calm, Focused and Trusting and Accepting whatever this Beautiful Magical Universe has in store for my ever Evolving Soul…with Guidance, Grace and Gratitude.

My message to all of you has 2 reasons:
1. To ALL Women and Men ( who have female loved ones an family members): Please take your Mammograms seriously.
Men to!!!! Pls take care of yourselves. Any problem caught early can be more easily tackled.
Treat your Body as your Temple….with Respect, Love and Care 🙏

2. Now, more than ever….my Mission to bring Awareness about the Unconditional Love and Support we get from our Pets is Invaluable
Pets are Furry Angels who come on Earth to Heal us and ask nothing in return.

I will continue to express this….and pray that one day the Human race will realize that we were never lonely and that we always had a companion available to help us get through many many “ bump in the roads”👍👌😊🙏❤🤗

With Love.... from Nita
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