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Fun tricks to teach Dog

Fun tricks to teach Dog

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We all are looking for more and more Fun Tricks to teach Dog. More than just having something to show off to your family and friends, teaching your dog some fun tricks can have plenty of benefits for both you and your canine friend. For one, learning tricks give them the mental stimulation they need to keep their cognitive processes sharp and in top shape.

Aside from this, learning new tricks can also help improve their physical health and give them a positive outlet through which they can channel their energy. It can also help build both your confidence as well as your dog’s and it can improve the bond you share. With that said, here are some Fun Tricks to Teach your Dog

Speak/Bark on Command

Teaching your dog to bark on command has more to offer than just being a fun trick for your dog. It also helps resolve a common behavioral problem with canines – excessive barking. With this trick, you can put a stop to it by training them to bark only when you say “speak” and stop when you say the command “quiet.”

This allows them to bark only in certain situations and gives you increased control over their barking. It doesn’t hurt that it can also be a great trick to show off at family gatherings.

Roll Over

A common trick you can teach your dog, the “roll-over” trick is a lot more complicated to teach that one might think. You can start by teaching your dog to roll over in small parts until they can do so completely. While it’s a bit difficult to teach, this particular trick can serve as a great primary step for other tricks like “play dead.”

Fun tricks to teach Dog

Shake Paw

If rolling over and playing dead proves to be difficult to teach your dog, then you might have an easier time teaching them how to shake hands – or in this case, paws. With this trick, you can have your pet dog greet family and friends with a friendly handshake.

This is usually easier to teach as most dogs like having their paws touched and the positive attention they get during the training sessions will make them happy as well.


Another fun trick you can easily teach your pet dog is “spin.” You can do this by holding a treat or toy in front of them and lure them into turning or spinning. You can amp up the challenge of your training sessions by teaching them to spin in a specific direction.

The latter will leave your family and friends in awe, seeing how your dog can tell the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Fun tricks to teach Dog


Another common yet incredibly fun and useful trick you can teach your furry canine friend is how to fetch. Despite being a classic dog trick, this particular one doesn’t come naturally to canines.

It can be frustrating at first, especially when they refuse to cooperate with you during training sessions, but it will pay off as long as you have the patience. You can even make it more challenging by teaching them to fetch specific items for you such as the newspaper or your slippers.


Teaching your dog fun tricks can do more than just amaze your family and friends. It can also help them become mentally agile and even improve the bond between you and your canine friend.

Just don’t forget to give them their treats and plenty of positive reinforcement when they do a good job. After all, they’re good boys/girls.

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