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6 Fun ways to Spend Valentine's Day with your Pet

6 Fun ways to Spend Valentine's Day with your Pet

Fun ways to Spend Valentine's Day with your Pet

Want to do something different & altogether exceptional for your Furry friend then we have compiled a list of 6 ways to spend Valentine's Day with your pet. Most people are busy planning their dates and getaways with their special someone or planning a surprise romantic gift.  Hotels and restaurants are bustling with the excitement of the festivities.  Everyone is scrambling for that last minute booking and reservations.  It is the time of year that people go all out romantically.  Everywhere you look, you see decorations that remind you of the upcoming occasion. 

While most people are busy with everything valentine's, some of us don't have someone to spend it with.  Or at least we think we don't.  Some have families and kids to take care of, which makes romantic dates impossible.

Who says you can't spend a fun or romantic valentine with your pets?  Our dogs, cats, or birds give us an unconditional love that we sometimes cannot get from another human.  So why not give them extra love on Valentine's day?  Come to think of it; there isn't a holiday in a year that is dedicated to them. 

6 fun ways to spend Valentine's Day with your Pet:

Do Your Favorite Activity Together

Do you and your pet enjoy running around the yard or watching cars go by?  Do you like going on picnics on lazy afternoons?  Take this day to do all the activities that you both love.  Make it simple and fun.  Maybe you can go swimming or run laps together.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is something that you both love.

Such activities are perfect for single people or families with kids.

Special Treat

There are restaurants and hotels that are pet-friendly.  You can enjoy a great dinner and let your pet have a special treat too.  If you decide to stay home and relax, you can always cook or order a unique valentine's treat for them: a doggy cake or a cupcake for your cat.  Throw in a cute little party hat, and you have a pretty memorable day.

For families with kids, you can make this a unique activity where you get your kids to join in making the treat.

New Toys

There is no need for grand gestures.  A trip to your favorite pet shop will do.  Let your pets pick out a new toy or toys if you are feeling generous.  It will be like Christmas for your dog Bruno.  Imagine him wagging his tail thanking you profusely for his new chewy friends.  Now, that is love!  Picture your cat going crazy chasing around a new yarn ball.  It will warm your heart.

Fun ways to Spend Valentine's Day with your Pet

Arrange a Playdate

Arranging a playdate for your fur babies can be great for them, and you too.  While they run around the park or your backyard, you and the other humans can enjoy a bottle of wine (or two!), catch up on your favorite shows or just chatting the afternoon away.  Or you can let the kids watch after the dogs play while the grown-ups enjoy the wine or coffee.  You get the dogs to play and the kids busy. Talk about destressing!

Arrange a Professional Photo Shoot

Make the day all about your pets.  You can arrange for a professional photo shoot to bring out the star that they are.  Bring out the cute costumes and props.  Make sure you get some lovely outfits yourself.  Cover all occasions in one shoot.  Think 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc.  That way, you have all the photos you need for every holiday card of the year.  You are having fun while keeping memories forever.  Not to mention, being the envy of your friends and relatives.

Go On a Picnic

Enjoy the afternoon at your favorite park or by the beach, and bring your favorite treats.  Don't forget the wine!  Let your fur babies run around while you lounge around watching them have fun.  It will be a relaxing way to spend the day and a good idea for you and your pets to meet new friends.  Take a few snaps of photos for souvenirs.

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about us humans.  It is a great day to focus on our pets who bring nothing but happiness and asks nothing from us but love.  It is a perfect day to create more memories with them and appreciate them for the gift that they are. 

You don't need to bring out the big guns for grand gestures and romantic splurges on Valentine's day.  A simple, fun, and intimate one can be more enjoyable.  No pressure, just pure leisure!

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