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Lockdown and Social Distancing: Is this the Best Time for Pet Lovers?

Lockdown and Social Distancing: Is this the Best Time for Pet Lovers?

Lockdown and Social Distancing: Is this the Best Time for Pet Lovers?

Let’s look at the average life of our pets. While we are at work, most of the time, our pets are left alone at home. Let’s be honest with ourselves; their lives are lonely. We realize this now more than ever, thanks to the pandemic lockdown.

Social distancing demands that we separate ourselves from the crowd and maintain the distance as much as we can. Therefore, we moved our work to our homes, and now, we are basically living our pet’s life of isolation. However, this experience has also opened our eyes to our isolation partners. It looks like our social responsibility is like a dream come true for our furry little lonely friends. A surge of uplifting viral videos attests to the fact that pets everywhere are having the time of their lives with their owners.

While lockdowns and social distancing are proving to be the best time for all pet lovers and their pets, there is one pet that is especially grateful for their owner’s company, dogs. According to the University of Glasgow’s professor of small animal medicine, dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours. By nature, dogs are pack animals, which means they are healthier and happier when their pack surrounds them. For a dog, their owners are a part of their pack. Having you home all day is extremely fulfilling and wholesome for your dogs.

The same goes for all our pets, including cats, rabbits, birds, and many more.  

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Very few pet owners will say it outright, but almost all think of this question. Even though they know, understand, and share the love and appreciation their pets have for them, they all wonder what the additional effort means for them. So, we answer that for you.

Having a pet around 24/7 during lockdown means the following for you:

  • Your recommended daily dose of physical activity. Even if you are not able to get out of the house four times a day, you will still be getting exercise and fresh air daily. This is extremely good for your productivity and morale, especially when you are working from home.
  • Your mood and mental health significantly improve when you have a companion during the pandemic to keep you company.
  • Every time you stroke or even look into the eyes of your pets, your body releases oxytocin. This is a hormone that forms bonds between individuals and helps us feel more optimistic. With all the depressing and anxiety fueling news circulating worldwide, every one of us could use some optimism.
  • You will be able to avoid the physical effects of stress and most likely feel lower blood pressures. All thanks to your hyperactive or extra happy pet.

Lockdown and Social Distancing: Is this the Best Time for Pet Lovers?

Bottom Line

In these trying times, our furry little companions are the best form of emotional support that we need. It’s a win-win situation for both the owner and the pets. The owners get lower stress levels, reduced loneliness, and an unlimited supply of unconditional love, and the pets get equally as much. Take this lockdown as your chance to take advantage of the little things and make the best of the situation. 

 Author: Brandi Marcene

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