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Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets

Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets

Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets

Who would not love having pets in their lives? These adorable and loving four-legged furry friends are always there to take care of you, no matter what you may be going through, good or bad. We all know how great of a role pets play in improving our quality of life with just their presence and the unconditional love that they give us. However, this is not the only way that pets help their owners. Many studies have shown that rather than just being a support for their owners physically, they also believe in the Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets on an emotional level.

Pets are constantly exposed to the behaviors and emotions of humans in their routine which makes them acutely attuned to them. They are able to pick up on the slight changes in behavior quite fast and try to gauge the reactions and feelings of their owners, just like a good friend would do. Pets, especially cats and dogs, have been observed to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. They also induce health benefits like improving immunity, lowering blood pressure and even decreasing the risk of heart attack!

When you come back home from a long tiring day, looking like you could do with 12 hours of sleep, your dog welcomes you back with its tail wagging wildly in excitement, treating you like you are the biggest celebrity in the world. Let’s be honest, we all love that feeling. Pets accept and love their owners as they are, allowing them to feel better about themselves and feel that they have a companion with them.

Therapeutic Effects of Having Pets

These loving creatures are always trying their best to make their owner happy. Studies show that people were found to have lower stress levels in the presence of pets when conducting a hard task than when they were in the company of their friends and family. Animals are the most non-judgmental creatures that you can find on Earth, no matter what you do they will always support you and stick with you till the end. This unconditional love and attention that your pet provides and asks for, helps in reducing stress levels greatly, boosting your mood. The acceptance and comfort given by these fuzzy beings to their owners, just as they are, it’s one of the most precious and helpful things that a pet can do.

The therapeutic effects felt through having a pet are much more than was first thought of. These furry friends work hard to improve the day for their owner and act as mood boosters through means of the love and attention that they give to them. Pet owners are distracted from their stresses because they spend their time playing with and taking care of their pet, being active and responsible, thus taking their mind off of things that may cause them stress or depression. Caring for your pet can give you purpose and joy in life.

Author: Shazma Rubab
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