How to Use Instagram to Drive Pet Owners to Your Store

How to Use Instagram to Drive Pet Owners to Your Store

If you know Doug the Pug, then raise your hands! With 2.7 million followers on Instagram, this cute dog won the People’s Choice Award for Animal Star in 2019. Since joining Instagram in 2014, this dog has gained a large following and reached celebrity status. Through funny videos, it was able to win the hearts of pet lovers. And with the help of its owner, Leslie Mosier, Doug the Pug has made a fortune through influencer marketing for pet brands.

Instagram is a great platform where you can tell the story of your brand and connect with prospects at a personal level. On Instagram, you can introduce your brand’s pet products, share pet stories, partner with influencers, and encourage product interaction.

In this article, you are going to learn how to utilize Instagram to attract pet owners to your pet store. Ready? Then let’s begin.

How to make the most out of Instagram

While there is no exact definition of what makes a great Instagram post for pet stores, here are examples that have worked:

  • Images of pets shopping in your store.
  • Images of your client’s pets using your products.
  • Giveaways that improve the health and wellbeing of your target pets.   

Tips that work for pet store owners on Instagram

Because people love viewing cute pics on Instagram, it’s no secret that yours should be appealing if you’re ever going to capture the attention of pet owners.

Let me show you the tips to use to draw in pet owners into your brand:

Share your brand story using imagery

Your prospects should be able to understand your story as they view your images and watch your videos. It is your authenticity, that makes you stand out. What drove you to start your pet store? What is your mission?

It doesn’t mean that sharing cute images and videos of pets is wrong. Instead, they should align with your mission. For example, if you are selling natural pet food, then your images and videos should showcase pets gaining the benefits of such products.

Connect with your followers

An engaged follower is likely to convert into a customer. Therefore, you should actively interact with your followers on Instagram. You show that you value your followers by responding to their comments and messages as fast as possible. You can also share photos your customers have taken in your store.

If you are busy during the day, then you can create sometime in the evening to respond to any engagement. For someone to take the time and write a comment on your Instagram posts, it means they were touched. Appreciate all of them. 


Share your location to increase engagement

Geo-tagging your photos increase the reach of your posts to prospects within your location. Pet owners who are nearby and searching on Instagram are likely to discover your profile. And who knows, they could be looking for an organic food option for their pet.

Sharing your location is an easy process. Just after writing the caption, add your location for prospects to find you.

Utilize Instagram stories to benefit your business

Instagram stories is a feature that was introduced in 2017. It allows you to post quick videos and photos about your day or your recent thoughts.

Due to its popularity, you can use Instagram stories to provide quick glances at what goes on at your pet store. When your followers see these stories, they develop a deep connection with your brand.

You can share quick health tips for pet owners. You can also share videos where you interview loyal customers about their favorite brands. Still, you can show the products that are almost sold out and urge your followers to hurry up before it’s late.


Sharing your brand’s story through imagery is a great way to stand out and gain an audience. Your videos and images should align with your mission. You should also interact with your followers to develop trust which is necessary to convert them into customers.

Now that you have learned the ways to drive pet owners to your store using Instagram, which strategy are you going to implement? Let me know in the comments! You might also be interested in reading about 5 Things Pet Store Owners Must Know About Their Consumer Trends.

Vincent Otieno
I’m a self-confessed dog lover! My dog’s name is Simba, a rottweiler, and I have to hug him whenever I come home from work! I’m also pet blogger who writes blogs about how pet owners can turn their passion into a booming business. I also have a degree in Radiography from the University of JKUAT in Kenya.