5 Tips for Enjoying a Home Office with Your Dog

Tips for Enjoying a Home Office With Your Dog
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With the spread of the coronavirus affecting every single part of our lives, many companies are mandating employees to work at home. It could be a dream for many pet parents to spend more time at home with their babies. But It could also be a challenge to move your office back at home with your dog. However, many studies have shown that people who work at home with pets are generally more productive and beneficial. Some medical studies even prove that home office with pets can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. If you are willing to take a few steps in planning your workday at home, you can have a wonderful time with your pet at home without interrupting your productivity.

Exercise and Feed Your Dog Before Work

I have been working online for more than a year now and so far it works well with my dog. I found that exercising and feeding your dog before work is extremely important. It also helps wake me up to start my day. Begin the day with a brisk walk or even a run with your dog to build a healthy bonding. Most importantly tire your dog out and has a calming effect on them. Once he enjoyed his walk and meal, you can induce a napping time to them. And that’s when I started my work. My dog will be calm and sleepy for a couple of hours. During this period of time, I am the most productive in a day.

Routine is The Key

Dogs love routine and treat it like a job. It helps your dog understand what to expect in the next couple of hours. They feel confident and secured. Your dog can have an easier time to learn your schedule. Apply routine and be consistent are the keys.

Take Breaks with The Dog

One of the biggest challenges many freelancers experienced is time management. It is very easy to get distracted by the phone and certainly your lovely companion. Set multiple break times for both yourself and your dog is crucial for a successful workday.

Breaks are not just for your mental and physical health but also praise your dog for his cooperation. Mid-afternoon and lunchtime are ideal times for coffee breaks with your dog. It can be a walk, playtime or even a training session. Don’t forget these breaks help reinforce obedience to your dog.

Ignore Whining and Begging

Dog loves your attention and want it at any time they want, especially puppy. They will use whining, begging even crying to get your attention while you are busy working. The best way to deal with it is to ignore them and tell them that you are the one who is in charge. Ignore or even move away from them is the correct way to teach them that they cannot get what they want.

If your dog starts whining, you may begin to see signs of anxiety. Punishment and praise are required to train them properly. Reward good behavior while you are working and they stay quiet. It can be a treat or a hug. He will remember it and continue to perform as he should.

2 Home Office 5 Tips For Enjoying A Home Office With Your Dog
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Beware of Separation Anxiety

If you have worked at home for a while, you will notice that you barely get out of your house except walking your dog. Although your dog enjoys your company at home, he/she may get used to having you 24 hours a day and start to develop separation anxiety. Try to get out of the house sometimes to train your dog being alone at home. Another way to train your dog is to encourage independent play. Prepare a crate or room that your dog can stay inside without you. Give them a mental stimulation toy with food, for example, Kong toy, to play alone. It can help them become more independent and learn that not all the games require your participation.

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