How to Start a Successful Online Pet Store with a Limited Budget

How to Start a Successful Online Pet Store in 2020 With a Limited Budget
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It wags its tail, jumps and licks your hands when you arrive home in the evening. And you’re so happy to see it after a terrible day at work! “Finally, somebody who truly cares about me.” You smile as you hug your dog.

That is how pet owners feel whenever they get home from work. They have developed a strong bond with not only dogs but other pets. But this article is not about how dogs welcome their owners when they come home. It’s about how to create a successful online pet store in 2020 with a limited budget.

If you’re a pet lover who has been dreaming about starting an online pet store, then your dreams could be realized after reading this blog post. According to AVMA, about 60% of American households had pets in 2016, and the number is rapidly growing. What about across the world?

So if you’re are business-minded and want to make money selling pet products to pet owners, then all you need is a clear business plan and sheer commitment. First, you choose the products, then you find the suppliers and then open the online pet store!

Let’s get started.

Choose the product

The great thing about pet products is that they are high in demand. So there is no risk in selling them.

There are many types of pet products you can sell. You can choose pet foods, pet living products, pet grooming products, or pet health products. 

Pet foods are essential and probably the most profitable niche in the pet products industry. Every pet owner must feed their pet with the right nutrition and proteins.

Pet living products include the things used daily by pets such as the leashes, the bed, towels, blankets, collars, toys, and chairs.

Pet grooming products include things like deodorizers, shampoos, conditioners, wipes, combs, scissors, and trimmers. Everybody likes a nice-looking pet!

Pet health products can make you lots of cash! Because pet owners love their pets, then the health of their pets becomes a priority. They will spend money on supplements, sprays, health powders, dental care products, etc.

Decide on the niche you’re going with. And also remember to choose the types of breeds you’re focusing on because every niche has different products meant for different breeds.

Do a competitor analysis

Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to sell, you should know your competitors. Learn about how they sell their products and note their strengths and weaknesses.

You can do a google search for online pet stores serving your area. The first ten results should be your competitors.

You can also hunt around social media, such as looking for Facebook ads in the niche you’re interested in. Check out their Facebook pages and get their strategies.

Doing a competitive analysis helps you create a solid marketing plan for an online pet store. You’ll know how to defeat your competitors.

Start a Successful Online Pet Store in 2020 With a Limited Budget
Start a Successful Online Pet Store in 2020 With a Limited Budget

Find a supplier

Now that you know the products you’re going to sell, the next step is to find a reliable supplier for your online pet store.

There are numerous ways to find suppliers. For example, you can check online directories such as SaleHoo and Pet Food Industry. Through these directories, you can get efficient suppliers.

You can also use an online platform such as Oberlo to get a reliable supplier. Oberlo helps ecommerce entrepreneurs build successful online stores. Regardless of your country, you can still use Oberlo to find both local and international suppliers for your online pet store goods.

Choose suppliers who can deliver products to your clients. And if you get left with two suppliers, you can break the tie by doing an actual order. Go with the one who delivers the product on time and in an exemplary manner.

Build the online pet store

 This is the final part of your journey to having a successful online pet store business.

 Here are the steps:

  • Pick a domain name: A domain name matters if you intend to build a long-lasting brand. Choose a domain name that represents your niche and that anybody can easily remember. Ensure it’s the .com type.
  • Signup for an ecommerce store: I’d prefer Shopify because it’s the most comprehensive ecommerce platform in the market. It has features added regularly that make your trading experience easy. But you can also go with BigCommerce, Magento or WooCommerce.
  • Design the categories: Once you have your online store, the next step is to make it appealing and easy to use. If you choose Shopify, then since you’re low on budget, you can begin with the Minimal Vintage theme. It’s easy to navigate. 
  • Find products to sell: The next step is to find the products you had decided to sell on your ecommerce store from your suppliers.

Market your online store with everything you’ve got

Doing a competitive analysis will help you create an effective marketing plan. Knowing how they promote their stores will help you get results within a short time.

Doing things like competitive keyword analysis will help you get your store ahead of the competition. You can also invest in paid strategies, such as Facebook ads or retargeting ads.

You can also consider affiliate marketing. If you can make influencers your affiliates, then you can save lots of money for marketing. Affiliate marketing entails somebody getting paid a percentage for each of your products bought through their website or social media account.


Creating an online pet store is not hard. With a capital of less than 500 dollars, you can start a successful dropshipping store for pet products. The pet industry is also rapidly growing, with households reported to have spent over 80 billion dollars on pet goods in 2018. Now is the perfect time to start an online pet store!

We hope you learned something new & useful about how to Start a Successful Online Pet Store with a Limited Budget. We would love to hear from you, please drop in your comment below. You might also be interested in reading about How to Promote Your Pet Business on Facebook Without Advertising.

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