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My 9-month old maltipoo Leo and I were both THRILLED when his surprise bag from Nurture Your Pet arrived!

I love the variety of items included, some of which are educational toys for my pup, adorable things for him to wear (like paw socks and a bandana), and even a treat mold and recipe cards for me to make him some yummy snacks! When we opened the huge bag of items, Leo immediately dragged out the snuffle mat, which is by far his favorite, especially when I hide treats in there for him. He also loves the rope toys and the squeaky heart toy!

What I especially love about the Nurture Your Pet toys is that they are DURABLE. These toys have lasted longer than other chew toys that we’ve had. Other rope toys we’ve bought for Leo get torn to shreds within days, but the NYP ones have withstood my aggressive little chewer and I love using them to play Tug O’ War with him!

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