Why Hosting a Pet Fashion Show is Good for Your Pet Store

Why Hosting a Pet Fashion Show is Good for Your Pet Store
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The New York Pet Fashion Show is hosted every year in February, and its purpose is to rescue animals needing homes. It also raises money to fund rescue groups that save the lives of homeless animals across the city. Today we will share our views on why hosting a pet fashion show is good for your Pet Store.

Cats and dogs get dressed in costumes to participate in catwalk shows. The themes of the shows include angels and demons, Hollywood dreams, and international masquerade. It’s a dream come true for pets who participate in such an event.

Oh! This article is not about what happened at the New York Pet Fashion Show. It’s about how hosting a pet fashion show can benefit your pet store. Pet owners will show up to brag about how they take care of their pets. And you will crown the pet with the best costume! 

But you can get many other things by hosting a pet fashion show.

Give out Business cards

Pet owners adore their pets. They would do anything to make their pets happy, and participating in a pet fashion show may be an irresistible idea!

Many pet owners in your locality will turn up at the fashion show to win the prize for the best costume. Take this opportunity to give business cards to the participants. They may want some products for their pets in the future!

Give new products as prize to the winning costume

Hosting a pet show allows you to showcase your latest products as a pet store owner. And awarding the winning pet with such a product can increase its awareness.

You also get to explain the benefit of this product when giving it to the pet owner.  At this stage, people are always keen and may develop an interest in that product.

Take pet photos & use them in your Digital Marketing

Why Hosting a Pet Fashion Show is Good for Your Pet Store
Credits: www.freepik.com

Who doesn’t like adorable photos of pets? Posting photos of these pets on your Instagram can keep your customers interested and excited about your business.

The good thing about pet shows is that you get to take as many pictures as possible of cute animals! You’ll need to hire a professional photographer!

Grow your Business Network

The pet industry is vast, and the more extensive your network, the more you get customers. Hosting a pet show allows you to interact with pet groomers, veterinarians, and boutique owners. You can exchange business cards, and agree to refer clients to each of your businesses.

If a client gets impressed by your services, and you refer him to another business for a different service, he would expect to be treated similarly. Every business in your network will love this arrangement.

Sell your products at a discount

Pet fashion shows attract many pet owners. You can take advantage of the numbers and offer your products at a discount. You can also make them aware of the benefits of the products you sell. Some pet owners may come back to buy the products later.

You can also allow other businesses in the pet industry to showcase their products. Such companies can be dog walkers, pet groomers, and veterinarians. Doing this positions you as a leader in the local community when it comes to pet issues.


Hosting a pet fashion show is an excellent idea if you want to expand your business network, and build your brand among pet owners. You get to meet pet groomers, veterinarians, and other stakeholders in the pet industry. Collaborating with such people can improve your sales through referrals. Hosting a pet fashion show could be what you need to take your business to the next level in terms of profits!

Share your thought or opinions, we would love to hear from you, please drop in your comment below. You might also be interested in reading about How to Promote Your Pet Business on Facebook Without Advertising.

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