5 Marketing Strategies for a Pet Store that Really Work

Marketing Strategies For a Pet Store
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When you start a pet store, it can be difficult to find clients. You get sales calls from a local SEO company with a promise that they can help you achieve your business goals by boosting your website. And sometimes, you don’t even have the extra cash to spare on marketing strategies for a pet store.

Maybe you’ve tried other marketing campaigns, but they all failed to convert. If you’re in this situation, then sit tight because you’re going to learn marketing strategies for your pet store that really work.

For example, your business should be easy to find online by pet parents in your locality. Since most pet owners ask Google whenever they want a service such as a groomer or a store, your business should appear on the first page of the search results.  Work on this one, then let me show you more tips.

Request for Referrals from your Local Pet Biz Network

Getting referrals from your professional pet business network is the best way to acquire new clients. People who work in a doggie boutique and spa can recommend a veterinarian, a dog walker, a groomer, and even the best pet store in town.  If such people offer excellent services to pet owners, then the pet owners would expect to get the same or better treatment from you.

And the reason why asking for referrals would work is that other businesses expect you to do return the favor. Get to know the local groomers, dog walkers, and the veterinarians and start thinking about how you can make the most out of them.

Introduce yourself and ask if you can give them your business cards. If they have a noticeboard, you can pin your ad after getting permission. Ensure also to take their business cards when you leave.

Marketing Strategies For a Pet Store
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Branding matters

An exemplary and branded company can attract many clients. It makes them assume that you’re organized and provide quality services. Ensure you create professional business cards, pull tab flyers, and brochures printed. Put them in every community notice board.

You should also brand your company vehicle and staff. Invest in attractive van signage and t-shirts printed with your logo. Remember, people see you before they hear from you.

Make word of mouth easier

Giving your happy clients referral cards with lucrative discounts to both the new client and the one who recommends him is an effective marketing strategy.

Your happy clients will likely recommend your services to other pet owners. For example, a pet owner may inquire where another pet owner gets her dog grooming services. It’s easier giving the referral card to such a person than explaining all the benefits. Your client may even forget about the discounts!

Image Credits: www.freepik.com
Image Credits: www.freepik.com

Let us see your skills

As you’re doing your business, potential clients are always watching. And if they get impressed with the quality of your service, then they will give you their money!

There is no better way to win a client than to let them see you do an outstanding job. If you’re a pet store owner, then always ensure to treat your clients with respect. Answer all their questions and provide further advice on how to use the products they buy.

Ensure to show off your skills in every situation. You never know where your next customer is going to come.

Participate in local pet events

Volunteer in any pet event happening in your area. On such occasions, you get to meet potential clients and also build your brand. Donate gift vouchers to fundraisers and even donate your products to the local animal shelter. Just do something that can put your name out there in the community.


There are numerous marketing strategies for a pet store that you can use. But requesting recommendations from your pet biz network, branding your company, and participating in local events will surely work. Offering referral cards to your happy clients is also an appropriate marketing strategy. Why don’t you try one immediately!

Do you have more marketing techniques to share with your fellow readers? Let me know in the comments! You might also be interested in reading about 5 Things Pet Store Owners Must Know About Their Consumer Trends.

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