Is your cat sleeping too much? Let’s find out

Is your cat sleeping too much
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Have you ever asked yourself is your cat sleeping too much? Probably all cat owners have. So, let’s find out.

First of all, you have to be aware that your feline friend is a true master at falling asleep any time, any place and under any circumstances. Cats indeed sleep more hours than most animals. That sleeping habit is a result of the cat’s development and biology. In the wild, cats have to hunt to eat, and the stalking, chasing and killing of prey burn a lot of energy. Due to that, sleeping too much helps cats save energy between meals.

Another thing to consider when asking yourself is your cat sleeping too much is – how she sleeps. Having in mind that your kitty may spend 2/3 of its what we might call life napping, it’s no surprise that you may be wondering if this is normal. Therefore, don’t worry; cats usually manage to sleep for an average of 15 hours per day.

To answer your question, we have sorted cat sleeping habits in three groups: when cats are kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

Sleeping Habits:


When we talk about kittens is almost like when we talk about newborn babies. They tend to sleep more than adults. Kittens spend their days discovering new things. Also, they have a particularly fun-filled day of playing, exploring, running and jumping. Above all, kittens use up a lot of energy for just growing up. Due to that, newborns can sleep as much as 90 % of the day.

But, have in mind that a kitten who sleeps all day or seems lethargic or indifferent in her surroundings may be sick or have other symptoms. It is highly recommended for you to take your cat the vet as quickly as possible.

Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much
Is your cat sleeping too much

Adult Cats

Are you asking yourself is your adult cat sleeping too much? Finally, here is the answer. An average adult cat, in reality, sleeps about 15-18 hours a day. Usually, she adapts her sleeping programs to the daily rhythms of the household. So, we can say that your adult cat is flexible, but breed and temper of an individual cat affect the activeness of its lifestyle, and eventually the amount of sleep.

Moreover, adult cats who are active and energetic, with lots of stimulation might nap longer.

To sum up, just like kittens, there is no reason to worry about if your cat sleeps all day.

Perhaps she has an especially active day and, she simply needs a nap longer. For example, it’s not unusual for your adult cat to sleep more during colder weather.

But, if you detect changes in behavior, including sleeping, you need to pay attention more. It could be a sign of a medical issue.

Senior Cats

In the end, last but not least are senior cats. To begin with, twenty hours a day is average for senior cats. So, you can see, they are like kittens. Both of them need to nap and sleep more than young and adult cats. Also, this is typically like people. As we grow older, we want to sleep more.

So, you don’t have a reason to be worried. Instead, you should be alarmed and visit a vet if your senior cat begins sleeping less than it used to.

In conclusion, frequent sleep is typical for a healthy cat. There are no dangerous signals to be worried if your cat sleeps too much and continually asking your self this question. However, as we said, a cat sleeping too much than usually is a sign that she is ill.

There is a difference besides a healthy sleeping cat and a lethargic cat. You can discover that just by playing with your cat. If she is unconcerned in playing games, there could be a problem. Possibly it is time to do some research and perhaps, time to schedule a trip to the vet.

Did we missed something or Does your cat also sleeping too much? Feel free to drop your comment below or share your views by Contacting us

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