5 Essential Commands you should teach your Dog

5 Essential Commands you should teach your Dog

Do you want to succeed in your dog training? Positive reinforcement might be a great help. It is the process of rewarding your pet to encourage him to repeat the behavior that you want. 

Dog owners usually use small pieces of food as treats. Excessive commendation, petting/cuddling, or giving your pup a chance to play with his/her most wanted toy can also be rewarding. At all costs, please refrain from using punishments like yelling or spanking. Here are five basic commands that you can teach your dogs:


It is one of the most natural commands to teach. Thus it is highly recommended to start with this one. 

It would help if you stood in front of your pup, holding a treat or reward. Allow your dog to sit and say the word “yes,” then give him the treat. Next, move sideways or backward to motivate him/her to stand and wait for your pet to sit again. Give another treat and repeat the sequence several times. Finally, you may slowly start saying “sit” instead of “yes.”


Say your pet’s name, sit with him/her, and say, “come.” Whenever you say “come” or your dog’s name, give him/her a reward.

You may also drop the treat near you. When he is done eating the treat, repeat his name. If he looks up, reward him with another treat. Repeat until you can begin tossing the food further away.


Train your dog what is your cue for release. If your pet already knows the release cue, make him sit. Then, turn and face your dog while giving him a treat. Give him/her another reward for remaining in the sitting position, then release your dog. Slowly increase the waiting time between treats. Repeat until he learns to stay for quite some time.

5 Essential Commands you should teach your Dog

Leave it

This command will keep your dog safe, especially when he/she starts to smell something that might be dangerous. Your ultimate goal is teaching him how to ignore a thing and leave it behind.

Grab a treat using both of your hands. Show your dog your fist clutching a treat. Then say “Leave it”.

Allow him to try to get it by licking, sniffing, pawing or barking and ignore his behaviors. When he stops trying to get the treat, give him the treat coming from your other hand.

Repeat until your pet moves away from the first fist upon saying, “leave it.” Only give him/her the treat when he/she moves away from the first fist and looks up at you.

Lay down

Training your dog to “Lay down” can be very similar to sitting. You can wait for your pup to lie down and reinforce his behavior with a treat. Give the release cue to stand, then wait for him/her to lie down again. If he is already quick in lying down after standing, say “down” right before he lies down. Repeat this until he understands your signal.


These five commands will help keep your dog safe. These will also develop your communication with him/her. The process takes time, so never rush the procedure. Bear in mind that you are asking a lot from your dog. Lastly, only start this training if you know how to extend your patience.

Did you know about these commands before or you think we missed some Basic Commands for Dog, feel free to drop your comment below. You might also be interested in reading about How do Dogs Show Affection?

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