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8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

Dog Drinking Water from the Bowl

During the summer season, we all love to stay cool and that includes our dogs as well. With this rising temperature, it is important to keep our furry friend cool, safe, and comfortable on a hot summer day. Wondering how you can find out whether your dog is bothered by heat? You can find this out with the way they breathe. As for cooling down, humans sweat just like dogs pant to cool themselves down. To help your dog beat the heat we’ve mentioned a few tips that will help your furry friend stay cool in the summer season.  

Give your dog plenty of fresh water

You should always have enough fresh cold water for your dog no matter whether you are sitting at a beach or in your backyard. Freeze an ice cream container or a dog bowl before you take your dog for a walk. This will make the ice at the bottom melt down and the water that is on the top will be cool and nice. Before going on the walk, make sure the water container you are carrying has enough water that can last during the entire trip. You can carry a small amount of frozen water dog treats, which you can give your dog every 15-20 minutes while doing any activity.

Water to play in

One of the best ways to keep your dog cool and lower their temperature in this extremely hot summer weather is to let them play in water. Give your dog enough water so that their belly and paws can get wet. If your dog can swim in deeper water, then the dog should be supervised. The best thing that you can do for your dog during summer is to ensure he remains wet, this can be by taking the dog to swim in water through the pool, the lake or playing with the sprinkler. You will note that when your family pet dog is taken to those areas with cool water, not only they will be cool, but also happier and more energetic.

dog playing with sprinklers

Shade and a cool spot to lie down

For lying down your dog will look for a cool and comfortable place. If there is no such place where your dog stays then you can use portable sun shades to create a shade. You can also use a cloth to create a shade. If you are looking for a smaller option then the best option for you may be a shaded pet bed. During the summertime, a shaded pet bed will provide reliable shade and it will also keep them cool with air circulation as they are elevated off the ground. A cooling bed can be another option, these beds are made up of heavy-duty plastic and you can choose according to the size of your pet. This is a bed that is made of the cooling gel which should be put on a flat substrate. It is important for older dogs and those that are suffering from Arthritis to have cooling beds because they help them relieve pain by cooling their joints.

A cooling mat, ice pack, or wet towel to lay on

This is one of the simplest ways that can be used to manage temperature in your dogs. During the hot season, there are certain things you can offer your dogs: a cooling mat, a wet towel laid on the floor or even an ice pack. These cold packs can be handy when showering your dog try wrapped it in a blanket or towel then put it on the bed of your dog or where they sit. You can fill up the cooling mats with ice water and chilled water. You can put these mats on the floor and let your dog sit and relax on a hot summer day. The easiest way to keep your dog cool is by wrapping them with a cool wet towel, this works well for dogs who have long coats.

Dog Wearing a Cooling Vest

Use a cooling vest or collar

An alternative to cooling mats is cooling vests, or cooling collars. These collars and vests are filled with cooling gels that help your dog stay cool for a few hours. You can also go for vests that move the heat to the environment from the body. These coats are doused in water regularly and help your dog cool down as the water evaporates. When hiking or walking with your dog on a hot summer say these cooling vests tend to be the best option. Still, you need to take all required precautions when it comes to keeping your dog cool on extremely hot summer days.

Avoid the midday heat

Perhaps, that is why, when staying indoors is possible, it is the safest solution. The weather depends upon the place where you are living but usually temperature is cooler during the early morning and late evening time. This is why evening and morning walks, playtime, and time spent outside are better than going outside during midday. Following this routine, you might make changes in your daily routine but this small change can be impactful for your dog to ensure the safety of your dog when it is hot outdoors.

Avoid exercising on hot summer days

Make sure you check the temperature and weather of the day before taking your dog out for any activity. If it is hot and humid weather outside then it is better to avoid taking your dog out and avoid any form of exercise. You should check the temperature even on cooler days. Avoid taking your dog in direct contact with the sun. use your hand to check if the ground is too hot for you to walk on it. If the ground is too hot for your dog then it will be extremely hot for the bare foot of your dog. Walking on hot ground can be dangerous for your dog.


To sum up, it would be quite wise to cool down the animal companions during these extremely hot and warm days. This can be considered as an adverse effect of heat on your dog and its general wellbeing as they will not feel well. You should ensure that your dog cools it and drinks much water, most especially during the rampancy of the summer period. It’s not only a favorable climate that is essential to help your dog feel comfortable during hot months; it will also make your pet happy. If you want to know how to cool down your dog during summer, go through the article above so that you can choose the method that is most suitable.

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