Why Nurture Your Pet ?

I started NYP 2 years ago as a go-to Newsletter filled with Blogs and How To articles for Pet Parents .
In “My Story” I shared how my 4 doggies have comforted me during personal difficult times.
And I wanted to turn things around and focus on THEM, and learn how to nurture THEM.
But during the past couple of years the world as I knew it turned upside down.
I guess there is not one person on this planet who has not been affected but Covid.

If I had only one word to describe my challenge and shift….it would be DISPLACEMENT.
Families and Loved ones having moved away from me due to changes in their work and careers.

And again, I draw on my doggies to give me a sense of Comfort and Belonging.

Why Nurture Your Pet ?
This is me, in the photo, struggling at times to get out of bed.
Every single member of my Family has moved to other countries and many moments I feel as if my heart is beating in my stomach.
Is it Fear? Is it Loneliness?
But one thing is for sure.
We all need the SAME thing.
Love, Companionship and a deep sense of Belonging.
So here I am, drawing from Oliver, Nico, Andre and Gina all the energy and emotions they fulfill me with.

Now, Nurture Your Pet Website and Group is taking up another Mission.
We are interested in YOUR stories, YOUR experiences with your Pets.
Our Tribe of Pet Lovers is meant to be a SAFE platform to share, make new friends, learn and create a loving space to go to when we need that much needed BOOST.

I don’t know you yet.
But that’s OK.
WE have one HUGE thing in common.
And that is our passion for our Pet.
And our Journey can start from there.

I look forward to your Photos, your Comments, your Stories! 
Please email all your stories and photos to my personal email nita@nurtureyourpet.com

Much Love from Nita, Oliver, Andre, Nico and Gina.

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