Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

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Do you love your feline’s gorgeous eyes, their silky and shiny coats? Cats are wonderful pets, they make your day exciting, keeping you company as you go about your activities. Check out this list to see if your cat breed is among the friendliest in the world:

1. Abyssinian

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Also nicknamed the “You Only Live Once Cat”, the Abyssinian is the friendliest cat you’ll ever come across. They have high levels of energy and they usually use it to play with its owner. You will find them joining you in the kitchen while you are cooking or try to hang around your desktop while working on your computer. The Abyssinian also has a wonderful personality, that makes them social even to strangers, plus they are also well known for being an intelligent cat.

2. Persian

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The type of cat who would find it comfortable lying on your lap. The Persian cat has a beautiful and graceful coat with chubby cheeks and expressive eyes that would melt your heart any day. No wonder they are one of the most popular breeds among feline lovers.

Persians are not very athletic or active. They prefer to lie on the sofa or on their owner’s lap and watch you expressively while letting out an adorable meow.

3. Ragdoll

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Ragdolls love spending time with their owners, getting endless cuddles, and putting a smiley face all day long.

They are also obedient and fast learners. They grasp the basic commands quickly such as sit, down, and leave. They respond promptly when called, such that you will wonder if you adopted a puppy instead of a cat!

4. Burmese

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The Burmese cat is a very curious animal. You will soon find out that this is the reason why their favorite place is at the window as they want to know everything that is going on around the house. They will check your cupboard, sit on your shoulder when you are working on the laptop, and get close to the TV to see the source of the moving images. They are just active! With a Burmese cat, be sure to compromise on your privacy!

5. Siamese

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Siamese cats are very social. They would go well with people who love to chat and entertain visitors. A Siamese cat knows how to command the attention of people by its boisterous personality. Their only disadvantage is that they may stray away or get depressed if left home alone. Siamese are the type of cats that you would carry around to parties and still interact jovially with strangers.

6. Sphynx

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The Sphynx cat is an attention-seeker. They love when they get all the spotlight and will reward you with cuddles and exciting purrs in return. Sphynx cats make great therapy pets and can keep senior citizens warm and occupied!

7. Ragamuffin

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Ragamuffin is closely related to the Ragdoll breed. They are the kind of cat who would welcome you home with a meow and follow you around the house. They are outgoing and would connect quickly with fellow cats, dogs, and humans. Another advantage is that the Ragamuffin cats are very intelligent and patient, which is great for training and teaching them tricks!

8. Maine Coon

Maine Coon are known as the gentle giant because they are one of the heaviest breeds of cats you will ever find! They are friendly, gentle in behavior, and very intelligent. They are just like dogs: loyal and obedient. They can also learn tricks quickly. For example, because of their big size, you can train them to walk on a leash. Their friendly nature also makes them interact well with kids.

9. Scottish Fold

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The Scottish Fold cat takes her name from her distinctive forward-folded ears. They are very friendly and social. Just like the Siamese cats, they would get depressed when left home alone because they love being around people.

10. Birman

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Birman are also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. They are beautiful with gorgeous blue eyes and a silky coat. Birman are calm and don’t like to cause a lot of trouble like their active cousins. For example, their kittens would greet you with a soft meow.


There are many friendly cats in the world, but the ones on this list will always rank among the top because of their good behavior, beautiful appearance & friendly nature. Most friendly cats have to be around people, or they would get bored and depressed. Remember not to leave your cat alone for a long time.

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